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Great software helps you to:

- Engage with members and create a cohesive culture

- Define goals (and reach them!) and increase member satisfaction

- Enhance transparency and increase productivity

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It's more than just how to write an email

In today’s organizations, the new goal is to keep email to a minimum, or not do it at all! Surprised? Keeping everyone in your organization informed doesn’t have to be tricky. 

Do away with the annoying habit of sending unnecessary emails, and get your members excited with an online community. It is no secret that informed members are happy and more productive. Keep them absorbed with a social and engaging platform that uses rich media, promotes connection and dialogue between members and the organization.

Say goodbye to email and hello to Open Social. Read more about internal communication strategies.

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Make a community platform part of your strategy

Here are just a few of Open Social’s features that contribute to an open atmosphere and improved internal communications:

Groups and Events

Create open and closed groups to structure content according to member segments. Share knowledge with other team members during events. You can even have a look at what other teams are up to!


Users can set the language of the platform according to their preferences. This is the best way to make everyone feel at home.
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Comment and Mention

Users can provide comments on various community content and mention and tag other users in all content and comments.

Community Analytics

Data will help you identify what’s not working and what’s working. For example, try starting a discussion in multiple ways. Which thread had the most comments? What about the most likes? Data will tell!


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Improve internal communications and drive real-world change

Focus on your members. They are your most dedicated brand champions.

Buying Guide
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Choose the right community software

A community saves you time and money, connects members, and achieves common goals. But finding and evaluating software vendors takes effort. That's why we're here to help with a guide made by community software experts.

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An online community grows your organization

✓ Boost member engagement and happiness
✓ Increase productivity within and between teams
✓ Create a cohesive organizational culture
✓ Save money on IT and developer costs
✓ Create a positive two-way culture
✓ Generate ideas, solve problems and share knowledge

And much more! Explore Open Social

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