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Members can communicate in various ways. Create and share information in the way they like and are used to. Find out what features Open Social offers.

Communication features

Activity Streams

Activity streams chronologically display activities of a group, member, or the whole community.


Members can add attachments to all content and comments.

Basic Pages

Site managers can share general community information using the basic page.


Members can create a set of pages that appear in a hierarchical sequence that have chapters, sections, subsections, etc.


Members can provide comments on various community content.

Email Encryption

Email addresses are encrypted on the server as an extra security measure.

Email Notifications

Members can receive and choose the frequency of email notifications about community activity.


Members can create, organize, and manage events.


Members can create and join public, open, and closed groups.

Landing Pages

Content and site managers can create graphically appealing pages to promote events, groups, or discussions.


Members can express that they like, enjoy, or support certain content by using the ‘like’ button.


Members can mention and tag other members in all content and comments.


Members are notified of activity with notifications appearing in the header.

Organization Tags

Members can add tags to their profile that indicate the organization they belong to and their role.


Members can share short messages and images through posts with the community, a group, or another member.

Private Messaging

Members can send private messages to a member or a group of members.


Members can share and manage profile streams, profile photos and banners, account information, and their events, topics, and groups.

Push Notifications

Members can choose to receive push notifications about community activity.

Social Embeds

Members can share items from social media platforms such as tweets or YouTube videos with the community.

Social Sharing

Members can share public content on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.


Members can create long posts in the form of news, blogs, or discussions. The name ‘topic’ is adjustable and flexible.

Twitter Feed

View the latest tweets in a block on the community site.

Content management

Manage the way content can be created, experienced and shared in your community. Find out what powerful features Open Social offers by default.

Content Management features

Content & Comment Management

Content and site managers can oversee and be notified when new content or comments are created in the community.

Custom URL

The URL of topics, groups, discussions, groups and landing pages can be customized


Members have an overview of all activities, members, groups, and content in the community.

Feature Content

Site managers can make important content stand out for extra attention.

Flag Content

Members can report inappropriate content. Site managers will be notified and can manage reported content in an overview.


Members can follow the content of their choice to stay informed.

GEO Location Filter

Members have the ability to search for members/events/groups near a certain location.

Large Content Editing Area

Members can choose to enter full-screen mode when writing and styling content for any content type on the community.

Latest Block

Members can easily find the latest topics, events, groups, and new members.

Infinite Scroll

Change from pagination to infinite scrolling for platform content.

Page Views

Members can track and display the number of page views per content type (events, groups, topics, etc.).

Photo Album

Create private or group photo albums and add multiple images to a single post.


A powerful search function allows members to easily find what they need.


All content except for posts can be tagged with labels; making content organized and easy to find.

Data management

Get data-rich insights into your community while letting members retain full control over their data and privacy. Check out the features we offer.

Data Management features

Account Settings

Members can manage login details, privacy settings, notification settings, date and time, and account status.

Content Visibility

Members can determine the visibility of content they create. They can choose between public, the community only, or group members.

Cookie Policy

Site managers can enable a banner where members can consent to the cookie policy.

Data Policy

Site managers can create and update data policies, and regular members are able to provide or withdraw consent.

Delete Accounts and Personal Data

Members can delete their account from Open Social. Members are clearly informed about which information is deleted, anonymized, and retained.

Disable Member Profile Fields

Site managers can disable and clear the data of default profile fields (such as email address, phone number, etc.).

Member Data Usage

Site managers can explain which personal information is collected on the sign-up, settings, and edit profile pages.

Profile Visibility

Members can decide which profile information is visible to other community members.

Spam Account Protection

Prevent bots from creating spam accounts for your community. It uses advanced risk analysis techniques to recognize humans and bots.

Two-factor Authentication

Upgrade security by requiring member verification with a second device.

Member management

Easily monitor member performance, increase engagement, and make registering and logging in simple. Manage your members easily.

Member Management features

Bulk Emails

Community managers can send emails to one or multiple members of the community from the people administration overview.

Export Member Information

Member information can be easily exported by a site manager.

Member Analytics

Site managers can statistically analyze member behavior and activity.

Member Management

Site managers can manage members easily.


The registration process for members is fully customizable in terms of fields and process.

User Roles

Empower members with unique user roles and community permissions.

Platform configurations

Configure your platform to meet your community’s needs and change the platform look and feel to fit your brand. Make Open Social your own!

Platform Configurations features

Alternative Homepage

Design different homepages for visitors and logged-in users.

Customized Look & Feel

Site managers can style the platform according to their community using colors, images, and more.

Customized Menu

Site managers can customize the header and footer menus to make relevant content easily accessible.

Fast Loading

Platform members will experience an enhanced loading speed of the platform and its pages.

General Configurations

There are many configuration possibilities such as regional settings, time and date, email verification, system email configurations, and many more.


Member information and other content can be migrated to Open Social from other platforms.

Taxonomy Management

Site managers can configure the taxonomies that are used to categorize topics, events, and members.

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