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A global community for creating a sustainable future

Bringing volunteers together with Global Commons

Pachamama Alliance

The Global Commons platform connects participants, leaders, and supporters from around the world to further the mission of Pachamama Alliance: To educate and inspire individuals everywhere in finding ways to bring forth a thriving, just and sustainable world.

This platform is designed to foster conversations and the sharing of ideas and experiences that originate in the events and programs of Pachamama Alliance, and to empower collaboration on local, regional, and global scales.

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“It’s important for our organization to have flexible software for the changing needs of our community.

Open Social is great to build upon. We spend 20% of our resources on development unique to our community. The other 80% is handled out of the box.”

– Chris Block, Web Developer, Pachamama Alliance

Pachamama Alliance’s Challenges
Creating a global learning community

Open Social’s Solution
Global Commons Volunteer Management Platform

Pachamama Alliance chose Open Social because it offered a unique range of member and volunteer management tools that they could build upon.


Pachamama Alliance can create community-based conversations around specific climate change issues that help members learn, grow and take local action.


Groups let members join groups formed around specific organizational initiatives, interest, as well as local Pachamama Alliance communities.


Events enable members to find or create on- and offline Pachamama events, including local meet-ups, conference calls and webinars that are accessible from anywhere in the world.

Pachamama - Groups
Pachamama - Courses

Pachamama was able to implement a transformative education program with Open Social’s customized course module.

Courses extension

For Pachamama’s ‘Awakening the Dreamer’ course we built a special course module that is now available to every Open Social client. With this course module members are guided through a step-by-step program, complete with video, text and an opportunity for members to keep track of their progress.

Course events

The courses also have their own online events that form part of the curriculum and facilitate community-based learning, even when participants are completing the course online.

Pachamama Alliance and Open Social co-developed an analytics module, making it easier to track community KPIs and growth for all Open Social clients.

Community KPIs

Setting measurable KPIs for a community lets you see if members are interacting with content and what kind of content is the most popular.

Drive engagement

Being able to measure what content works best helps site and content managers create content that helps your community grow.

Keep member data secure

We make sure the platform analytics are non-invasive. Members retain full control over their data security and privacy.

Pachamama - KPI dashboard

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