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Open Social is a top-tier SaaS company based in Amsterdam and Enschede, The Netherlands. Open Social is specialized in online community and membership management solutions. We have mastered the art of sharing, serving some of the biggest international NGOs as clients, including the UN, Greenpeace and Pachamama Alliance, and having won several international awards.

Open Social places sharing at the heart of everything we do. Because sharing is what makes a group of individuals turn into a community. As people share their goals, their innovations, their knowledge and stories, they become a unified community that can change the world. 

That is why we say Open Social is #MadeToShare.

Open Social Management Team with founders
Taco Potze (CEO) and Bram ten Hove (CTO)

Our mission

Become the world’s leading community engagement platform that grows with the ambition of its users.

Our vision

A pro-privacy, anti-monopoly and open web that inspires trusted connections and collaboration.

Online Community Engagement Platform

Open Social powers 1000+ communities

Open Social’s purpose-built online community software allows organizations to create online spaces where members can communicate, collaborate, connect and share expertise and experiences from anywhere in the world.

We currently serve 1000+ organizations around the world.

Our values

personal. friendly. open. collaborative.  positive. goal-driven. flexible. dedicated. ambitious. trustworthy. inclusive. competitive.

Our superpowers

multi-dimensional. mind reading. hive power. laser focus. multi-cultural polyglot. transparent. innovative. sustainable.

Open Source vs Open Core Software

Open-core is a business model for creating commercially produced open-source software. This model involves offering a “core” or feature-limited version of a software product as free and open-source software, while offering “commercial” versions or add-ons as proprietary software.

Open Social’s core software is available as a public distribution and any member of the Drupal community can download the core Open Social code-base and use it in their own projects.

As a SaaS company, we also offer Open Social as a subscription-based software to clients who need more advanced features, and more hands-on services. These are key services that certain business and organizations require to make sure their online communities run smoothly, are constantly maintained and professionally set-up and deployed.

Open-Core Software
Drupal Open Source Community

Sharing knowledge & expertise
with the open source community

Open Social is built on top of a powerful Drupal CMS framework.

This allows us to build amazing products drawing on the experience and expertise of a vibrant open-source community of innovators, developers and builders.

Open Social is also an active participant in the Drupal community, and have taken part in events such as:

Our History
How did Open Social get started?

The Drupal Agency Days
Open Social started as a successful and prestigious Drupal agency called GoalGorilla, based in the heart of Enschede, the Netherlands.

As an agency we focused on developing unique software solutions for clients. One of our clients was Greenpeace International, who engaged us to build a Drupal-based online community and volunteer management platform for them. Greenpeace Greenwire, as the community was called, became the first version of Open Social’s online community software.
The Success of Greenpeace Greenwire
Greenpeace Greenwire was hugely successful from the start, launching first in the Netherlands, and then internationally.

Greenwire helped activate 90 000 volunteers to make the world a greener and more sustainable place. In the Netherlands alone Greenpeace Greenwire increased volunteering by 600%.

* Dutch Interactive Award, 2015

We won the Dutch Interactive Awards with Greenwire in 2015.

Crowdfunding Open Social 1.0
Version 1.0 of Open Social officially released after a successful round of equity crowdfunding.

Open Social experienced 100% revenue growth in 2018 and in 2019.

Open Social launches!
With the success of Greenwire, we saw the viability of online community software as a core SaaS product. As a result, GoalGorilla officially relaunches as Open Social, an online community software solution SaaS company. We celebrate with a big party and even bigger things to come!
Splash Awards
* Splash Awards, 2017

In 2017 Open Social was the overall winner of the Splash Awards with the project for the United Nations

* Splash Awards, 2019

In 2019 Open Social’s Victims Support The Netherlands won the Splash Award in the category of Social/Community.

Raising €1.25 million seed investment
In 2020, Open Social secured its largest investment to date. Peak Capital and Nimbus Ventures, two renowned venture capital investors focused on scale-ups, decided to invest EUR 1.25 million in Open Social.

Want to join Open Social Team?

We are always looking for talented people!

We need your help to become the leading company in the area of online community software and community engagement. Do you accept this challenge?

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The Open Social Team

Our most
trusted partners


Drupal is the open-source platform used by Open Social for building community software. We have come to work closely with the Drupal organization and community. is a hosting and development company. Open Social chose to partner with to free up clients from the hassle and costs involved in getting up hosting.


Lemberg is a development company that creates specialized software for clients and one of Open Social’s biggest partners.

Together we build and provide clients with uniquely tailored community software, ensuring maximum flexibility and scalability of Open Source products.

Together we build and distribute innovative online community software

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