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SparkBlue was launched as part of the United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) ambitious digital transformation goals:

Create a platform for seamless connection, dialogue, and ideation across all UNDP platforms to better serve their mission and allow internal and external communication between thousands of community members.

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UNDP’s Challenges
Creating a Multi-stakeholder Platform

Open Social’s Solution
SparkBlue Membership Management Platform

By building SparkBlue on top of their existing Open Social platform, we could enhance SparkBlue with a number of Open Social community engagement and collaboration extensions.

Crowd Innovation extension

Crowd Innovation provides a space for collaborative problem solving. Site managers can host a challenge to which members can collaboratively workshop solutions to.

Courses extension

Courses provide a guided learning experience and track members’ progress as they complete each section of the course.

Resource Library extension

Resource Library is a dynamic and easily searchable knowledge repository that feature a curated and tagged collection of resources.

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Sparkblue platform

Open Social’s Dashboard extension allowed the UNDP to create a fully integrated and centralized experience for members.

Communities of Practice

Each Communities of Practice has its own dashboard allowing a range of community activities and data relevant to that group to be placed in a single page.

Content Streams

Content blocks in the dashboards can be displayed as content streams, updating with the latest discussions, most interacted challenges, most like topics and more.


Members can follow each Communities of Practice and get dashboard notifications when new items within that Communities of Practice tag is added.

SparkBlue makes use of Open Social’s Microsoft Office 365 integration for internal collaboration across the UNDP.

Single Sign-On

The use of profile credentials for Single Sign-on between Microsoft Office 365 and the SparkBlue platform.

Two-way interaction

Members are able to do two-way interactions with Yammer discussions on SparkBlue.

Content synchronization

SparkBlue content synchronizes with Yammer messages, likes, comments and files.

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