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Online communities enable people to meet and connect online as well as in real life, which helps organizations and members work together towards shared goals.

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Social features allow members to share, interact and communicate while purpose-built extensions stimulate discussions and collaboration.

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“It’s important for our organization to have flexible software for the changing needs of our community. Open Social is great to build upon. We spend 20% of our resources on development unique to our community. The other 80% is handled out of the box.”

– Chris Block
 Web Developer, Pachamama Alliance

Get an out-of-the-box solution
to manage your community in one place

Get an out-of-the-box solution to manage your community

Online communities are thriving using Open Social

An online community saves you time and money, connects members and drives organization goals. But finding and evaluating different software solutions takes time. Let us help you!

We’ve taken a lot of the guesswork out. We have carefully crafted 60+ points of comparison to show how our community software compares with other products available on the market.

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Creating Canada’s First Circular Food Economy
Our Food Future
This mission-driven community brings together nutritionists, farmers, businesses, government and citizens by giving them a platform for connecting, collaborating and creating change.
“We imagine a system where food experts and entrepreneurs come together to tackle our most complex food challenges.”
Creating Pathways to Sustainable Development
SDG Philanthropy
The SDG Philanthropy platform is a global UNDP community dedicated to solving sustainable development goals (SDGs). With the help of Open Social, it builds the bridge between the UN, governments and the private sector by encouraging collaboration and knowledge-sharing.
“We are an online collaboration platform that provides access to information on what partners are doing, real-time data on relevant SDGs, and events and solutions that funders and others are supporting. We add curated, targeted information every week, with a growing, connected audience.”
Connecting Experts during a Crisis
BIO Coronavirus Hub is a public platform open to anyone in need and anyone who can help with COVID-19 research and response. This hub connects stakeholders to help fight the pandemic on all fronts.
“It will take the great scientists of this industry working together across the globe to win the battle against an invisible enemy. Creating a central location to match need requests with availability helps research and development programs continue.”
Connecting students, alumni and staff
Holmesglen Institute
Holmesglen Institute uses Open Social to provide students with the tools for learning and living, and deepening relationships between the students, staff, and alumni.
“We want students to feel that this is their space to ask questions, form study or social groups, and share placement experiences.”
mobilizing 60,000 volunteers
Greenwire is a global online community created with Open Social that connects thousands of Greenpeace staff and volunteers around the world. The platform supports their active contribution to the goals Greenpeace seeks in its campaigns.
“Greenwire is increasing Greenpeace’s reach and amplifying the power of our volunteers every day. It’s a key element of a future in which the lines between online and offline activism are further blurred.”
Create a sustainable future
Pachamama Alliance
The Global Commons platform connects participants, leaders, and supporters to educate and inspire individuals everywhere to bring forth a sustainable world.
“It’s important for our organization to have flexible software for the changing needs of our community. Open Social is great to build upon: 80% is handled out of the box.”

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