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Environmental activism with Greenwire

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Greenwire is a global online community that connects staff and volunteers from all over the Greenpeace network. The 10 live Open Social platforms operate independently from one another, just as the regional chapters and volunteers, contributing to the support of the local campaign goals of the Greenpeace organisations.

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Greenwire’s Challenges
Empowering members to create change

Global network
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Global network

Connecting Greenpeace around the world

Greenpeace is an international network of over 27 independent national/regional organisations (NRO) in over 55 countries. 

Each of these NROs operate in their regions with local groups, volunteers, and staff.

Greenpeace International needed an online community platform that can be duplicated and adapted for each NRO to manage their own regional community and goals, while maintaining a consistent structure across all of the organizations. 

Grassroot campaigns
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Grassroot Campaigns

Connecting and activating local groups and volunteers

The Greenpeace network needed a platform that connects people online and offline, and serve as a hub for the organization to activate volunteers for grassroot campaigns. 

This would include capabilities to: 

Greenwire migration

Platform updates

Growing with Open Social

Greenwire 1.0 was launched in 2010 at a time when Open Social was still a software agency called GoalGorilla

Over its lifetime Greenwire has needed continuous improvement as Greenwire’s needs have expanded. 

In 2015 the online community needed to be updated using the newly developed Open Social SaaS platform. 


Open Social’s Solution
Greenwire Volunteer Engagement Platform

Migrating from Greenwire 3.0 to Open Social

Before becoming a SaaS provider, Open Social built the Greenwire platform for Greenpeace Netherlands from scratch. 

When Open Social officially launched in 2016, our priority was to migrate Greenwire to our new online community SaaS software. 

This allowed Greenwire to benefit from our new platform, as well as continuously upgrade as Open Social releases new features, updates and improvements. 


Migrating independent offices of the network to Open Social allowed to create a Greenwire community template and easily deploy and customize it for each local Greenpeace organisation

This means that Open Social can create a Greenwire community template and easily deploy and customize it for each NRO migrating to Open Social. In addition, all the platforms can be updated simultaneously.

Currently, Open Social serves 10 unique Greenpeace National and Regional Organisations, each with their own, independent Greenwire platform.

Greenwire Countries
Greenwire groups

New group types for Greenwire after migrating to Open Social.

Flexible groups

This group type allows community members to choose how members can join groups and the content visibility options for the content inside this group.

Secret groups

This group type can only be created by site managers and no one can find the group unless they receive an invite.

The new groups flexibility allowed Greenpeace National and Regional Organisations to easily manage local volunteer groups, each building its own micro-community within the larger Greenwire platform, while keeping organisational content accessible for staff members.

Greenwire’s power comes from its groups. Members can join local volunteer communities, as well as groups formed around specific Greenpeace-led or promoted initiatives, campaigns and goals.

Open Social’s flexible layout features lets Greenwire Site and Content Managers add Content Streams, Campaign links, Events, Resources and more to each Topic or Group page.  


For Greenwire Germany, Greenpeace Topic pages such as:  

Each Topic page presents members with space that is rich with content and activity, allowing members to easily get involved with the issue at hand and drive local change.

Activating members and networks

With features such as Topics and Groups, each Greenwire community becomes a network of activities, people, events, campaigns, and useful information working in unison to drive positive environmental change.

Greenpeace Group Screen

Sharing Success
10 Years of Greenwire


The first version Greenwire 1.0 is developed for Greenpeace Netherlands by the agency GoalGorilla which will later become Open Social. 

In the Netherlands Greenwire increased volunteering by 600%.


Greenwire 2.0 is developed using Drupal 7 and rolled out to all National and Regional Organisations in scope at that time.


Greenwire 3.0 is successfully created with a re-design and new functionalities

Greenwire wins the prestigious Dutch Interactive Award 2015 in the category Social & Communities.


GoalGorilla rebrands as Open Social and officially launches as a SaaS company with a new product based on the Greenwire platform.


Greenwire 4.0 is rolled out as a migration to the new Open Social platform. 

Greenpeace Germany and Greenpeace France implement Open Social. 


Migration of 8 Greenwire National Regional Organisations completed.


Greenpeace Switzerland and Greenpeace Central and Eastern Europe implement Open Social.

The first app for Greenwire is launched with Greenpeace Belgium as a pilot.

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