What is your community purpose?

Understand what type of community you have to make sure you manage it better and reach your shared mission

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Create a mission-driven community with Open Social

A community is much more than just a group of people in the same place or space. A community is made up of members who connect and come together around a shared identity, interest, passion, project or purpose.

Open Social specializes in creating highly engaging online community platforms.

We tailor every platform to the unique needs of each organization, making sure we help you serve your member needs and reach your shared goals.

Those needs and goals are different for each organization.It all depends on what type of community you are!

What type of community are you?

For professionals or experts
connecting to share
knowledge and learnings

For volunteers or citizens
connecting to change the world together

For members who share a unique experience or life circumstance

Don’t you know what type you are? Answer the questions below to find out!

What type of community are you?

Find out by answering three quick questions about your members, why you are connecting them and what your top priority is.