Open Social allows your people to collaborate, organise and find the right talent at the right moment. Open Social is especially suitable for volunteer communities within NGO organisations.


Personalized content shows updates that are relevant to you.


Smart app messages and emails notify you when needed.


Enroll your community members to closed and public events.


Create both open and closed groups around shared interest.


Powerful search and filtering on content and user profiles.


Publish rich content both with public and private settings.


Let community members connect with each other.


Powerful user roles differentiate rights for community members.


RESTful API allows for integration with your own software.


Flexible architecture allows for custom extensions for your special use cases.


Customize your community to match your branding.

Why do you need Open Social?

Empowering people to engage, collaborate and organise in a bottom-up way yields amazing results. Open Social is especially suitable for volunteer communities. Read the business case ‘social network spurs 600% increase in volunteering’.

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