Open Social allows people to collaborate, organise and find the right talent at the right moment. It is especially suitable for volunteer communities within NGO organisations and to replace existing (proprietary) intranets.

Activity streams

The activity stream gives all of your users a personalized overview of your community

Our algorithms ensure you only see updates that are relevant to you. For example; if someone likes your post or comments in a group you are following, this will be shown in your timeline

Our personalized activity stream is central to all the interactions of individual community members. A lively and engaging timeline will keep your users coming back for more  

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Activity Stream - What's on your mind?


Notifications keep you up-to-date, but only when you need to be

Our activity centre shows all your incoming notifications. Smart push notifications keep you updated in the application and by email

Users can adjust their notification settings on their personal profile page to ensure they only get the notifications they want and need 

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Open Social Notification on tablet


Events connect your on- and offline experiences

Your community members can enroll to both private and public events. Event managers set the location and date and control visibility settings. Users can follow events and post comments to keep the discussion rolling or organize their own 

Events bridge the gap between the on- and offline engagement of your community members. Getting people aligned along common interests ensures the long term health of your community. This makes events a critical part of any successful community building effort

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Open Social Events on mobile


Personalized content shows updates that are relevant to you


Smart in-app messages and emails notify you when needed


Organize closed and public events for your members to enroll in


Create both open and closed groups around shared interests


Powerful search and filtering for content and user profiles


Publish rich content both with public and private settings


Let community members connect with one another


Powerful user roles differentiate rights for community members


RESTful API allows for integration with your own software


Flexible architecture allows for custom extensions for your special use cases


Customize your community to match your branding

Why do you need Open Social?

Empowering people to engage, collaborate and organise from the bottom-up yields amazing results. Open Social is especially suited for NGO and semi-governmental volunteering communities and to replace existing proprietary intranets. Read our business case: ‘Greenpeace Greenwire, the ‘social network spurs 600% increase in volunteering’.

775+ Communities are using Open Social

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