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What is a Community of Action?

A Community of Action (CoA) is aimed at creating social movements, volunteering campaigns and real-world change. A Community of Action is built on the belief that when people come together, they can accomplish much more!

This type of community makes it possible for members to connect with people who share their goals, find opportunities to volunteer, contribute to a cause, help others and participate in social, civic or political initiatives.

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Creating a global network for activism

Greenwire is a global online community that connects staff and volunteers from all over the Greenpeace network. The platform supports the active contribution of regional chapters and volunteers to the international environmental goals of Greenpeace.

Foraus Policy Kitchen

Publically crowd-source policy solutions

Policy Kitchen is run by Swiss Think Tank Foraus and promotes public dialogue and decision-making on foreign policy issues. They involve members of the public in this process through an innovative online idea crowdsourcing process.

Solve the three key challenges

Discover the key elements you should focus on when choosing an online community software solution to suite your member needs and organizational goals.

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The unique advantages of an online community

Open Social specializes in creating engaging online community platforms. We tailor every platform to the unique needs of each client, making sure we help you reach your goal.

Our software is highly flexible and customizable to suit your unique community needs. The core product has features that help you to:

Get more Engagement with Volunteers
Community Engagement

That’s not all!

Add extra power with extensions

With Open Social, you’re able to extend your core platform with extensions. Empower your community to connect, activate and create change.

Crowd Innovation extension

Crowd Innovation

Solve challenges within your community via an idea-crowdsourcing process

Gamification extension


Increase community engagement by rewarding your super-users with points and badges

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Create custom eLearning modules that guide members through learning material

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