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Badges & Certificates icon
Award members with a publically displayable badge to mark and celebrate their achievements.
BBB Integration Icon


With our BigBlueButton integration, you can easily add interactive webinars and video-calls straight to your community events or online courses.
Birthdays icon
Make birthdays community events and let your members feel special.
Courses icon
Create custom eLearning modules that guide members through learning material.
Crowd Innovation icon
Solve challenges within your community via an idea-crowdsourcing process.
Customized Content Access icon


Control the visibility and accessibility of specific content on your online community platform.
Dashboard icon


Create a space where members can get an at-a-glance overview of key performance indicators, content streams and relevant community information.
Discussions icon
Give community members a space in which they can share ideas, debate topics and get to know one another.
Engagement Automation icon


Automate community management events to save you time and effort.
Forms & Surveys icon
Set up a form or survey for members to safely submit crucial information.


Increase community engagement and find your super-users with gamification.
Google Translate icon
Let members instantly translate your platform into +100 languages.
Microsoft Office 365 Integration

in progress

Create a seamless work environment with Office 365 integration for your community.
Multiple Editors icon
Allow multiple community members to work on the same piece of content and create something unique together.
Native App icon
Launch your community platform as a branded app on iOS or Android.
Quizzing icon
Turn your community courses into engaging interactive experiences and add automatic grading to learning modules.
Real-time Chat Icon


Real-time chat allows your Open Social community members to easily and instantly chat with one another simply by toggling the on-page chat window.
Real-time Collaboration icon


Work together on the same content at the same time, making edits, adding comments and proposing suggestions that can be accepted or rejected.
Resource Library icon


Organize your content, make it more discoverable to members and facilitate resource sharing within your community.
Single Sign-On icon
One login reduces security risks while making your online community easier to access
Social Login icon
Let members easily signup and login using their Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, or Twitter account.
SOLR Search extension
Let members find what they are looking for in their first search and make your content more discoverable.
Zoom Integration Icon


Members will never again have to follow external links or leave your platform to join a Zoom live webinar or video-call.

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