Community Strategy Services

Specialized in communities with a purpose, our Strategy Consultant will help you to identify your community-related business goals and optimize your measurable community engagement strategy. 

Identify, set and exceed your measurable community engagement goals, tailored to your organization’s desired outcome.

Answer your key community strategy questions

Using community industry best practices, we will help you answer the following questions:

  • Why are you investing in building an online community? 
  • What does your long-term strategy look like, and how big a role does your online community play in it?
  • What challenges are you solving for your community members?
  • How are you creating added value towards your goals by enabling connections?
  • What is your community type and purpose?
  • How can the Community Experience Pyramid help you identify what valuable member engagement looks like?
  • What are your community KPIs?

A community strategy is all about creating added value by enabling connections

– Mathijs Vleeming

Mathijs Vleeming portrait

Meet your Strategy Consultant

Always believing in the potential added value of online communities for associations and other community-led and mission-driven organizations, Mathijs Vleeming‘s mission is to unleash the full power of your community.

With 20 years of experience at the heart of professional community building in the international association meetings industry at t ICCA (the International Congress and Convention Association), Mathijs believes there is a major opportunity for community-led and mission-driven organizations to increase their impact by empowering their members to share year-round.

Mathijs studied Communications Science and has a long career in the international meetings industry. At ICCA he led various projects leading up to a Director Marketing role: He designed ICCA’s PR- and Social Media Strategy and built its active online community from scratch, centralized global marketing activities, promoted all ICCA events, managed Online Product Development Projects and the implementation of a CRM system.

“Online communities are a must for community-led and mission-driven organizations to stay relevant, respond to environmental pressures and expectations of new generations, and increase your impact! ” – Mathijs Vleeming

Apart from providing Community Strategy Consultancy services for Open Social, Mathijs is an “Online Community Evangelist”, spreading the gospel on the added value of online community. 

Creating your Community Strategy Concept

Open Social offers a special “Creating your Community Strategy Concept” package, ideal for organizations (seeking out to) start building an online community but not yet fully clear on their community strategy. Interactive sessions cover an introduction into online communities and help you explore and identify your community purpose, based on your organization’s goals and participant goals.

Community Strategy Concept diagram
Inspired by FeverBee’s “Sweet Spot” Framework

Monthly Community Strategy Consultancy

We also offer Monthly Community Strategy Consultancy to help you go through any of the steps in starting an online community:

What our clients say

"Most associations and NGOs were almost exclusively relying on in-person events to connect their community to jointly work towards their mission. The current disruption and digital transformation in their community-building efforts is one of the main challenges these organizations are currently facing. Mathijs is a true thought leader in professional community building and his background, knowledge, passion and experience in this area are crucial to help organizations find a long-term strategic answer to these challenges."
Kai Troll portrait
Kai Troll
"Mathijs asks the right questions, which force us to think systematically about fundamental community aspects, like business goals, member needs, and the cultural change that is needed to embed community in our full organization. The frameworks he provides help a lot for us to work out our community strategy’s focus and he plants a lot of seeds which make us think further about the potential added value of our community.”
Marleen Elemans Kloppenburg
Event Manager, Cornelion | StomaConnect