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Get all your requirements right with this handy Platform Wishlist !

You are weighing different options, factors and priorities for picking the right online community software solution. But how do you get a good overview of all these factors and make an informed and balanced decision?

Download this print-ready Word document now. We want to help you to get your requirements right and pick the perfect solution.

Are there any requirements fields missing that fit your specific needs? No problem, feel free to add them! It’s an editable document.

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How does this wishlist help you?

You are looking for an integrated community platform. It’s very important to make all requirements clear, whether it’s concerning operational, security or technical issues.

It’s pretty easy to get lost while figuring out what your requirements are… or even missing some of the important ones you should include! That’s why we’ve created this handy Community Platform Wishlist.

Filling out this wishlist helps you to:

It will be automatically downloaded in your browser

Buying Guide page
Buying Guide page
how to pick the right community software

This wishlist is one of the 9 key questions to pick the perfect online community solution

This wishlist is part of the Buying Guide (already downloaded by 500+ organizations). In this guide, we help you to discover the 9 key questions you have to ask yourself when choosing an online community software solution.

Haven’t you thought about key things like community goals, type of community and security yet? Then we recommend you to check out this free eGuide!