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Connecting Experts during a Crisis

Aiding COVID-19 response with BIO Coronavirus hub

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As the urgent need for manufacturing capacity and supplies continues to mount amid the rapidly growing coronavirus outbreak, Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) is providing a central online location to match need requests with resource availability and expertise.

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“We are all in this fight together. It will take the great scientists of this industry working together across the globe to win the battle against an invisible enemy. Creating a central location to match need requests with availability helps research and development programs continue.”

– Jim Greenwood, BIO President

BIO’s Challenges
Ensuring continued COVID-19 response

Connect entities
BIO stakeholders

Connect entities

Healthcare professionals, researchers, agencies and organizations

BIO is the global trade association representing the biotechnology industry. As COVID-19 broke out across the globe, BIO saw the need for an online hub that could facilitate connection and collaboration between the public and private sectors to combat the coronavirus. 

The hub needed to connect companies and organizations that have relevant supplies, capacities, and resources to share with those companies, researchers, or healthcare providers in need of those items.

Need requests
BIO filter needs

Need requests

Connecting needs with resource availability

The hub’s core function would be to enable users to post “requests” for resources they were in need of, and search for “needs” from other stakeholders that they could fulfill by giving resources. 

The platform needed to handle the “need” and “give” requests seamlessly and make it easy for members to navigate the hub and find ways to ask for and give help.

Rapid response
BIO covid

Rapid response

Responding quickly to a pandemic

As COVID-19 spread rapidly, and cases rose exponentially every day, governments, healthcare providers, and NGOs experienced an immediate shortage of crucial resources. 

The hub needed to be developed rapidly and go online to address this critical and growing need. Every day that passed, the crisis was getting worse. 

Open Social’s Solution
BIO Member Engagement Platform

With Open Social BIO launched their Coronavirus Hub, a public platform open to anyone in need and anyone who can help. This hub connects entities in need with those who have supplies and capacity critical to ensuring continued research on and response to the pandemic.

Knowledge sharing

BIO’s online community is platform where members can share knowledge. Open Social’s features lets members connect with the right information in Discussions and see all the updates relevant to them through personalized activity streams.

In the end, knowledge is power, but using it effectively is truly powerful. BIO’s online hub lets members share resources, expertise, and new knowledge as the pandemic unfolds.

BIO’s platform is a conduit to connect those in need with those who can share. The hub’s explore section allows members to search for a specific “need” or “give” among the existing posts.

Post a "need"

To post a need, or post the ability to give, members can click on a button on the home page, which is  “Share what you need” or “Share what you can give.”


The hub enables members to post requests or search for “needs” and “ability to give” among four categories, divided into sub-topics:


The hub allows members to tag posts and refine search among product types such as: Diagnostics, Medical Devices, and more.

This makes the platform easy and quick to use, allowing members to quickly find what they need.

Rapid development

Open Social wasted no time in getting BIO’s platform up and running. 

Open Social’s technology allows us to easily develop and deploy a new platform.

In just 48 hours, together with BIO we launched their COVID-19 hub. We are delighted to help to achieve their incredibly important mission.

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“We reached out to Open Social for an extremely rapid deployment of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) Coronavirus Hub. With the help of their skilled team, we went live 48-hours after our initial discussion.”

Rich Masters, Executive Vice President, Public Affairs at BIO

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