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Creating Pathways for Sustainable Development

Member Engagement Platform for SDG Philanthropy

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The SDG Philanthropy platform is a global UNDP community dedicated to solving sustainable development goals (SDGs). With the help of Open Social, it builds the bridge between the UN, governments and the private sector by encouraging collaboration and knowledge-sharing. 

This online community allows stakeholders to connect and contribute to a plan of action for the planet, people, and prosperity. 

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“We are an online collaboration platform that provides access to information on what partners are doing, real-time data on relevant SDGs, and events and solutions that funders and others are supporting. We add curated, targeted information every week, with a growing, connected audience.”

SDG Philanthropy

SDG Philanthropy’s Challenges
Contribute to the UN’s Goals

Open Social’s Solution
SDG Philanthropy Member Engagement Platform

Open Social set up SDG Philanthropy’s online member engagement platform, allowing them to create a multi-stakeholder community to advance the UN’s SDGs globally. 

Promoting SDGs

With Open Social, SDG Philanthropy could create visually-appealing pages, intuitive graphical solutions, and informative images. This helps promote the community publically and to the private sector.

Making the community look, feel, and function like a user-friendly social media platform while retaining core stakeholder networking functionalities is key to drawing in new members and facilitating connection and communication between them. 

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SDG Users

Creating Engagement

The community has successfully enabled its members to reach the ultimate goal: work together and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.

This is done through Open Social’s unique features and extensions, including: 

This community spans across various countries, each with their own initiatives, groups and stakeholders. Open Social offered the perfect amount of flexibility to facilitate this.

Platform flexibility

With Open Social SDG Philanthropy’s community can support a number of sections that contain a wide variety of information.

The SDG Philanthropy site managers are able to construct each country page to their liking with Open Social’s flexible layout features, creating unique working spaces on a single platform.

The power of content blocks

The country pages were designed using the flexible sections and content blocks layout. This means that site managers can design a page using interchangeable sections with unique content blocks (text, highlights, resources, content streams, events, KPI analytics, quick links, and more).

Sections can be placed anywhere on the page, the order can be changed via drag and drop, and they can even be duplicated for ease of use.

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Sharing Success
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