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Connecting experts with Sparkblue

SparkBlue was launched as part of the United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) ambitious digital transformation goals: Create a platform for seamless connection, dialogue, and ideation across all UNDP platforms to better serve their mission and allow internal and external communication between 60,000 community members.

Bringing stakeholders together with Our Food Future

This mission-driven community brings together nutritionists, farmers, businesses, government and citizens by giving them a platform for connecting, collaborating and creating change.

Environmental activism with Greenpeace Greenwire

Greenpeace Greenwire is a global online community that connects Greenpeace staff and volunteers from all over the world. The platform supports the active contribution of regional chapters and volunteers to the international environmental goals of Greenpeace.

COVID-19 response with BIO Coronavirus Hub

Open Social helped rapidly develop the BIO Coronavirus Hub, a public platform open to anyone in need and anyone who can help with research and resources. This hub connects entities in need with those who have supplies to ensure continued response to the pandemic.

Bringing volunteers together with Global Commons

The Global Commons platform connects participants, leaders, and supporters from around the world to further the mission of Pachamama Alliance: To educate and inspire individuals everywhere in finding ways to bring forth a thriving, just and sustainable world.

This platform is designed to foster conversations and the sharing of ideas and experiences that originate in the events and programs of Pachamama Alliance, and to empower collaboration on local, regional, and global scales.

Foreign policies challenges by Policy Kitchen

Foraus is a Swiss Think Tank that shapes foreign policy through the promotion of open dialogue and informed decision making. With Open Social they built Policy Kitchen, an innovative online community platform to enable a diverse network of thinkers to find creative policy recipes to press foreign policy challenges.

An online community for Holmesglen Institue

Holmesglen is an online community made with Open Social for Holmesglen Institute in Melbourne, Australia. This community platform provides students with the tools for learning and living, and deepening relationships between current learners, staff, alumni as well as future students. The unique content-creation features have Holmesglen blossomed into a rich community.

Member Engagement Platform for SDG Philanthropy

The SDG Philanthropy platform is a global UNDP community dedicated to solving sustainable development goals. With the help of Open Social, it builds the bridge between the UN, governments and the private sector by encouraging collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

An online community for IATI

IATI Connect is a new global online community by the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI). With the help of Open Social, IATI created an inviting online space for their Communities of Practice to explore development and humanitarian spending data, exchange knowledge, build new networks and connect with a multitude of stakeholders.

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