The Goal

Contributing to justice and recovery by offering victims: support, advice, and safety - and connect them with other victims and key stakeholders.

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Did you know?

1 in every 5 Dutch people are confronted annually with a crime, traffic accident or disaster.

And that?

Victims Support The Netherlands wants to help 50% more people in 2018 compared to 2014.

Victims Support The Netherlands

Looking for a new community platform

Victims Support was looking for a new online community platform to replace the outdated public forum functionality and found Open Social.  

Their new Victims Support 2.0 program has the following goals:

  • Reach a larger number of victims online.
  • Facilitate people with new online tools to help themselves.
  • Facilitate people to help each other.
  • Support victims in a safe online environment.

This digital platform has a lot of potential. In 2017 more than 191.000 victims of a crime or traffic accidents were helped by Victim Support. The organization has also received voluntary help from over 1,000 people.

After researching different platform solutions, Open Social was chosen because it gave us the opportunity to start fast and be flexible at the same time to tailor the platform to the needs of our users. By working closely with the professional Open Social team via SCRUM we are able to continuously add value.
Eric Jan from Victims Support The Netherlands
Eric Jan Bijl
Product Owner
Victims Support The Netherlands

Our Open Social solution

Open Social helped create a safe and engaging environment for Victims Support.

Victims Help requires extra safety standards to guarantee the safety of victims. Open Social adheres to strict security standards and implemented extra measures such as reducing the personal data stored and data encryption.

All data is hosted on a European Sovereign cloud of Microsoft Azure in Germany. The data is hosted with the strictest data protection measures, certificates, and requirements of the EU, as well as key international standards.

Other community advantages

Single Sign-On

One set of login credentials can be used to access multiple applications. For this, a special implementation was done to connect via a special proxy to Active Directory, iDIN and later DigiD.


Site managers can create hidden groups that are invite-only. Closed groups are only accessible after doing an intake with the community manager. Only public groups are visible from the outside. With this, victims can choose how much safety and anonymity they want.


We built this community platform so that users can't change the structure by adding extra groups and events, directing the focus on helping each other and being able to share your story and read or comment on others.


When a disaster occurs, Victims Support can create a secure and private emergency sub-community within Open Social. It's a ‘critical system’ that connects victims, families, government, police, and volunteers to exchange information and get support.
SHN Members

Community Members

Every year, Victims Support supports approximately 200,000 people, but there is a firm ambition to help many more of the 4 million people that become victims in the Netherlands. This can only be done online and with victims helping each other.

In order to better understand and reach their potential members, Victims Support created community personas by researching and interviewing various victims. Together with their customer journey’s specific insights into the concerns, motives, and needs of each client persona where mapped to give guidance to the development of new features.

Along with the victims, the Victims Support community, a separate intranet is being built in OpenSocial which will also enable employees, volunteers to work, share and cooperate with other and with external organizations and the authorities.

Victims Support Users

What did Victims Support achieve with Open Social?



Victims Support will be able to reach more victims online, and achieve their digital goals for Victims Support 2.0.


Open Social was able to offer Victims Help heightened privacy and security measures including Sovereign Hosting and security improvements.


Open Social created an emergency response group within the community, allowing Victims Support to reach out in times of disaster.

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