The Goal

Offer victims support, advice, and safety - and connect them with other victims and key stakeholders

SlachtOffurHulp Nederland

Victims Supports wants to help 50% more people in 2018 compared to 2014


1 in 5 Dutch people are confronted annually with a crime, traffic accident or disaster. The Victims Support 2.0 program wants to reach a larger number of victims online and support them digitally. They developed new online services and communication channels. This includes an online community platform that replaces the outdated public forum functionality.

The digital platform has a lot of potential. In 2015, more than 182,000 victims of a crime or a traffic accident were helped by Victims Support. The assistance is always free of charge, thanks to funding from the Ministry of Security and Justice, municipalities, and the Victim Support Fund.  Due to their 24/7 crisis line, the police regularly requests their efforts in situations where help is immediately desired. The organization has also received voluntary help from over 1,000 people.

The community is expected to be live this year. In the meantime, visit the website for more information. 

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Protection First: Extra Security and Privacy for Users

Victims Help requires extra safety standards, especially since it’s member database is composed of victims that need more protection than usual to guarantee their safety. Therefore, Open Social adheres to strict security standards and implemented extra measures such as reducing the personal data stored and data encryption.

Moreover, all data related to the community is hosted on a European Sovereign cloud of Microsoft Azure in Germany. The sovereign clouds ensure that the data is hosted with the strictest data protection measures, certificates, and requirements of the EU, as well as key international standards.

Additionally, since this is a European hosted project, we will ensure that the website is GDPR compliant. Amongst other things, we built a functionality that allows Site Managers to enable a required Terms of Service checkbox for every user. This will be used as proof of user understanding and agreement. At this point, multiple checkboxes can be applied. Additionally, Site Managers can disable any profile field to prevent users from disclosing private data by accident.

Emergency Support

Open Social has also ensured that Victims Support can react appropriately to an emergency. When a disaster occurs (ex., terrorist attack), Victims Support can create a secure emergency sub-community within Open Social. This works as a ‘critical system’ that connects victims, their families, the government, police, justice, professionals, and volunteers in the Victims Help community in case of an emergency. The community is private and ensures both safety and quick collaboration.

SlachtOfferHulp Nederland Members

Community Members

Every year, Victims Support supports approximately 200,000 people. That's a good number, but only a fraction of the 4 million victims that need help in the Netherlands.

In order to better understand and reach their potential members, Victims Support created community personas by interviewing various victims. In total, there are five different personas that provide specific insight into the concerns, motives, and needs of each client persona.

The main users can come into the platform through their earlier contact with SHN or directly when arriving through a search engine, social media or other website references. They are also referred to the platform through official instances.

Along with the victims, the Victims Support community will also be open to the internal team of employees, volunteers and authorities.

What did Victims Support achieve with Open Social?



Victims Support will be able to reach more victims online, and achieve their digital goals for Victims Support 2.0.


Open Social was able to offer Victims Help heightened privacy and security measures including Sovereign Hosting and security improvements.


Open Social created an emergency response group within the community, allowing Victims Support to reach out in times of disaster.

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