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Open Social helps you harness the knowledge of your organization. Countless hours go into the creation of documentation. The ordering of thoughts, processes and procedures. New ideas, vision statements and detailed reports. Once these elegant pieces are created, they are being sent to inactive servers to be buried, never to be seen or used again. Time passes and the same items are created again and again. Stop wasting precious time and money. 

With a knowledge platform, crafted and curated content is shared regularly across your organization. Easily keep the latest versions of documents alive and in use.

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What can knowledge-based software do for you?

Knowledge Management software helps to classify, create and share your community’s infinite sources of data. It provides a single solution that makes finding and filtering your information highly efficient. Always be up to date with the correct material and: 

- Improve understanding of complex subjects by collating information
- Promote collaboration and discussion within groups
- Through ideation, bottlenecks are removed and processes improved 
- Increase productivity leads to lower operating costs due to increased efficiency
- Increase member satisfaction as quality information is shared regularly 
- Save money on IT and developer costs

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Do more than ‘manage’ knowledge, promote genius!

- The exchange of ideas leads to innovation 

- Uncover unexpected genius from within your team

- The process around this is simple to implement and is highly engaging

- Discussions are safe and easily modified

- Share selected content picked by the community managers 

- Create a lasting memory within your organization

Features and Extensions

Resource Library

A directory of selected content picked by the community managers

Crowd Innovation

Solve challenges within your community via a crowdsourcing process


Powerful search and filtering for content and user profiles
resource library
Buying Guide
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Your step by step guide to buying software

How do you choose the right community software for your use case? Our guide by experts speeds up your decision-making process with a useful evaluation framework to buy software, such as a knowledge platform. Download the guide for free!

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Why is Open Social a good fit for your organization?

Our knowledge platform can do a lot more than store your content. It allows your members to efficiently access and uses the shared knowledge of your community. Open Social is a good fit because you can:

✓ Connect your members in one place
✓ Promote collaboration and share content
✓ Drive innovation with no interruptions
✓ Encourage the serendipitous discovery of content
✓ An engaging, blooming community

Start using our knowledge-sharing platform today!

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