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When you need to upskill your members, implement new messaging or processes, or teach something to multiple people, everyone faces the same challenges. How do you get a group of people to manage their diaries to get to a training day, how can you cost-effectively deliver the training, and after going to all that effort how do you ensure that the new information is retained and put into practice?

Bring members together in a platform that allows people to learn at their own pace and from anywhere! More importantly, encourage members to learn from each other and create dialogue throughout the learning process.

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How does an e-learning platform help you?

An e-learning platform is a tool that aids your members to remain agile in learning and perform in line with company goals and standards.

- Roll out training without being tied to on-location training days
- Import existing or create dynamic courses that extend learning, any time
- Give your members a clear overview of their training records
- Assign content in a few clicks and automatically notify members
- Allow your people to absorb the course by repeating the material 

Stop relying on expensive third parties to deliver training and courses. Build your social e-learning platform with Open Social.

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Open Social
Your members will learn more from each other

Open Social is an online community that offers more value and learning opportunities than a 'simple' e-learning platform. A community is not only an e-learning platform. It provides a more complex and deeper learning environment. Move away from a siloed and disconnected learning method, to a connected and social learning experience. Create a culture of involvement and active participation. Traditional e-learning modules let their users down.

By sharing knowledge inside Open Social, members take courses together and organize discussions around the courses around a theme, to create a shared learning experience. This method promotes higher levels of understanding and helps retain information that cannot easily be obtained through complete self-study. Learning is enhanced when other voices are part of that learning experience.

Features and Extensions

Basic Courses

In a basic course, deliver vital information in a concise format. This is great for new changes in procedure, how to use new technologies or equipment and onboarding new members.

Advanced Courses

To enrich the learning experience, you can create an Advanced course. Create a multi-dialogue learning environment by adding topics, events, and a stream to the course. For more complex information, encourage dialogue with your team.


Cement the learning by following up with a quiz. Using quizzes after a learning session can help to connect the information you want to retain in a fun, flexible and interactive way, which improves comprehension.


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Learning has never been easier and more accessible

- Ensure consistency across all your training programs
- Scale the courses across your community
- Improve efficiency across each section of your organization  
- Save money on costly training days
- Invest back into your community in other ways

Do you want to discover how you can take advantage of it?

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Provide a space for dynamic social learning

Open Social is a dynamic, connected online learning platform, not just a static piece of content emailed out to staff. Connect your members, promote discussion and drive innovation without interruptions. Let your members learn from one another. Open Social allows you to:

✓ Kick start learning and innovation 
✓ Connect your members in one place
✓ Keep track of your members’ learning progress
✓ Promote collaboration and share content 

Start building your online courses and quizzes now!

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