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For developers and agencies. Install, host and run it yourself

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No support
No Hosting
No Updates

Free to adopt and modify

Most popular

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at € 490 / month

For most organisations. Fully maintained open Software-as-a-Service

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Help-desk and service level agreement.


In an European or USA cloud of choice.


Fully maintained security and feature updates.


Allows integrations. Move your community to enterprise when needed.


€ 50.000,- and more

For large projects with custom requirements and integrations

Xinyu Ma
Interaction Designer

Designing for a great user experience is critical. People expect fast, intuitive interfaces. I will bring this to Open Social. Don't hesitate to send me a message above with feedback on the prototype!

Evelien Schut
Scrum Master

Creating effective teams is a big challenge. I use agile methods to maximize productivity and keep the team happy. Get in touch to talk about our SCRUM process.

Jaap Jan Koster
Head of Development

Drupal 8 provides an unique opportunity and the ideal platform to rapidly rebuild and further improve our software. Interested in contributing? Drop me a line above!

Taco Potze
Product Owner

I'm determined to bring the best of open-source to our software: security, innovation plus the open nature to run it where and how you like it. Get in touch if you are interested in Open Social for your organization!

Mieszko Czyzyk
Marketing Director

Check out the business case below. I believe bringing Open Social to more organizations will give amazing results and is a win for Drupal. Contact me about sponsorship and our Drupal event agenda.

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