The Goal

Empower members to take action, investigate, and connect to create a greener planet.

The challenge

Greenwire 30, built using Drupal 7, needed a fresh look and feel in order to inspire members to take action.  

The solution

Over 10 of Greenwire’s hubs will be completely migrated to Open Social, built using Drupal 8, for Greenwire 4.0.

volunteer community
Greenwire 4.0 powered by grassroots activism

Greenwire 4.0 is the newest version of Greenpeace’s community platform and is built with Open Social, an open-source distribution using Drupal 8 software. 

Greenpeace needs a safe online platform to empower its 3 million volunteers from the ground-up to be successful. Greenwire 4.0 is able to do that by:

  1. Allowing easier sign up to Greenpeace;
  2. Facilitating volunteer data collection;
  3. Actively supporting volunteer ideas and perspectives;
  4. Establishing Greenpeace presence in cities with no staff;
  5. Creating community-building opportunities; 
  6. Helping staff and fundraising teams connect locally.
Greenwire migration process (no background)
Migrating +10 platforms to Open Social

Greenwire 3.0 was primarily built using Drupal 7. In total, over 10 national/regional offices (NROs) will migrate to Open Social. 

Every NRO has the same Open Social codebase and, in some cases, have custom modules that specifically help their local activities. The upside to having one codebase for many platforms is that they can be updated with the press of a button. 

Flexible groups in Open Social
feature highlight
Building flexible groups

Open Social created new group types for Greenwire 4.0 to match the flexibility of groups in the old platform. The groups provide more control over how the visibility and content of groups.

  1. Flexible groups. This group type allows community members to choose how members can join groups and the content visibility options (public, private, community-only) for the content inside this group.
  2. Secret groups. This group type can only be created by site managers and no one can find the group unless they receive an invite.
"Greenwire is increasing Greenpeace's reach and amplifying the power of our volunteers every day. It's a key element of a future in which the lines between online and offline activism are further blurred ..."
Brian Fitzgerald
Brian Fitzgerald
Greenpeace International Head of Digital Network & Mobilization
Timeline Greenpeace and GG
10 years with GoalGorilla

Greenwire 1.0 was developed by the Dutch Greenwire office with GoalGorilla in 2011 and quickly expanded after Greenpeace International recognized the platform’s success. 

And the rest, as they say, is history: 

  • In 2011, GoalGorilla was asked to develop the first version of Greenwire 1.0 for The Netherlands.
  • In 2013, Greenwire 2.0 was born using Drupal 7 and rolled out globally.
  • Greenwire 3.0 was successfully created with a re-design and new functionalities in 2015.
  • Greenwire won the Dutch Interactive Award 2015 in the category Social & Communities. 
  • Open Social was launched by GoalGorilla in 2016 after the demand for online communities such as Greenwire increased. 
  • Now, in 2019, Greenwire 4.0 will be migrated completely to Open Social.
Implementation Update

Curious about how the community is progressing? We'll leave regular updates here. 

1. Greenwire Germany and France have been successfully migrated to Open Social. 
2. Greenwire Russia is currently being migrated to Open Social.

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