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We compare our software to Hivebrite. We want to show you how Open Social and Hivebrite might seem to offer similar online community software solutions. But when you start looking at the features of each product, it is clear that they are very distinct.

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How does Open Social differ from Hivebrite?

What makes Hivebrite unique is that it has a strong focus on the commercial side of online community creation, such as monetizing membership. For example, while Hivebrite has an NGO solution, their focus is not on organizing volunteers or creating member-driven goals for an NGO, but rather on facilitating fundraising and driving donation campaigns within a community. 

Open Social’s platform focuses much more on the growth and development of your community. This is done through features such as graded e-learning courses, quizzes and certificates, crowd-innovation, and resource libraries.

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What is Open Social's Community Engagement software?

Our community engagement platform allows your organization to bring its members together online and create a digital space in which they can communicate, collaborate and drive organizational goals. Our community platform also enables members to meet and assemble online as well as in real life.

Building an online community helps organizations to team up and collaborate from anywhere in the world. Don’t wait any longer!

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