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Open Social is growing fast! Because of the recent 1.25M euro investment from Peak Capital and Nimbus Ventures, we are growing our position and accelerating our rapid growth in Europe and the US. That's why we are looking for new top talents!

You'll find all the current vacancies for Open Social below. If there are no vacancies but you think that you'd be a great fit for our team, then send your open application, CV and portfolio to!



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At Open Social we believe building tools made for sharing can bring people together, spark ideas and drive organizations forward. Open Social’s purpose-built online community software allows organizations to create online spaces where members can communicate, collaborate, connect and share expertise and experiences from anywhere in the world. 

Open Social is developed by a core team of 25 people. According to renowned Dutch newspaper NRC, we belong to the top 50 best employers in The Netherlands for employee personal development. The team is based in curated tech-hub TQ in Amsterdam and in Enschede. 

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