Appreciate members and boost engagement

Open Social has been successfully adopted by various UNDP projects, Greenpeace, and hundreds of other organizations to connect their members over the past years.

From experience and extensive research, we realized that all social technologies, not just our own, are experiencing challenges such as:

  • High member engagement requires too much time and effort.
  • Weak incentives such as gamification don’t have a lasting impact.
  • It’s difficult to measure the value generated by the community alone.
  • Alternatives to measuring and displaying reputation are needed.
  • Current reward systems suffer from abusive behavior.
  • Economic sustainability of the community cannot always be guaranteed.

We felt frustrated. There’s a huge potential waiting to be unlocked with online communities, and we can’t seem to fully access it.

Then, blockchain technology began making a name for itself, and rightfully so. We too recognized the enormous potential it had to revolutionize many online processes; financial transaction, shared economies, and - you saw it coming - social interactions.

That’s why we launched THX, a blockchain solution that will help social technologies, such as online communities, continue to play a central role in mobilizing connection and social change.


THX, a token of appreciation.
THX will be a mobile application first. Here's what it could look like!


What is it?
THX rewards members in online communities with tokens for valuable behavior. This behavior could include onboarding new members, creating valuable content, creating and joining events, answering questions, etc, and every community can determine their own reward rules.

What does it solve?
The THX ecosystem ensures that online communities create value for all actors involved. The organizations running the communities benefit by stimulating engagement with valuable incentives and pooling funds to guarantee economic sustainability. Members benefit by spending tokens online and in real life and are protected through a fair and democratic reward settlement.  


THX, a token of appreciation.
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The THX team is excited to move this project forward and make an impact on the social technology sector. We released the THX Beta White Paper earlier this summer. The team is currently working on creating the first prototype and setting up for the crowdsale that will take place in 2019.


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