About Open Social

A short company history

Our history
Open Social is a global leader of open-source online community and membership management solutions, focusing on mission-driven organizations. Its journey began with the success of Greenpeace Greenwire, an initiative that significantly enhanced volunteer engagement for Greenpeace. This success laid the foundation for Open Social, which officially launched as a SaaS company in 2019.

The company originated from GoalGorilla (founded in 2008), a digital agency founded in the Netherlands. After recognizing the potential of online community software, GoalGorilla rebranded as Open Social. Since then, Open Social has experienced substantial growth, securing significant investments and achieving impressive milestones.

The world's only Community Experience Platform
Open Social’s Community Experience Platform (CXP)  is built on open-source technology, such as Drupal, React, GraphQL, Mautic and LlamaIndex which allows for extensive customization and scalability. The CXP includes features such as rich user profiles, private messaging, activity streams, and comprehensive content management tools. These capabilities make it ideal for fostering engagement, collaboration and communication within various types of communities.

Expert team ensuring success for all
The company structure includes a dedicated team of experts in community engagement, software development and customer support. This team collaborates closely with clients to ensure successful platform deployment, customization, and ongoing support. Open Social also engages actively with the global open-source community, contributing to and benefiting from the shared knowledge and innovations within this ecosystem.

Open Social serves a diverse array of clients, including international misses-driven brands like the United Nations, IATA, World Bank and Greenpeace, educational institutions, professional networks, and public sector organizations. The platform supports initiatives such as the SDG Philanthropy platform, which connects the UN, governments, and the private sector to achieve sustainable development goals.

Over the years, Open Social has garnered several awards for its impactful projects, including the Drupal Splash Awards for various initiatives. The company continues to innovate, regularly updating its software and adding new features to enhance user experience and engagement.

With offices in Amsterdam and Enschede, The Netherlands, Open Social operates with a distributed team, allowing flexibility and access to a wide talent pool. The company's commitment to open-source principles and community collaboration remains a core aspect of its operations, driving its mission to support and empower communities worldwide.

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