Drupal Contributions

Active in the open-source CMS ecosystem since 2008

Open Social is a dedicated advocate for open-source technology, particularly through our integration with Drupal. We leverage the power of Drupal to create customizable, scalable, and secure community platforms.

Open Social’s core software is available as an open-source distribution on Drupal.org, allowing widespread access and collaboration. The company's active involvement in the Drupal community includes contributing to patches, documentation, and themes, as well as participating in DrupalCon events. This collaboration ensures continuous innovation and improvement of their offerings.For more details, visit the https://www.drupal.org/project/social

Detailed Overview
Open Social’s journey with open source began with Greenpeace Greenwire, a project that utilized Drupal to significantly enhance volunteer engagement. This success catalyzed the launch of Open Social as a standalone SaaS company in 2016, focusing on developing community software using Drupal’s robust and flexible framework.

Open-Core Model:
Open Social offers a public distribution of its core software, available for free on Drupal.org. This model, known as open-core, provides a feature-limited version of the software as open source, while offering advanced features and add-ons through a subscription-based service. This approach allows organizations to access essential community-building tools while having the option to upgrade for more sophisticated functionalities.

Contributions to Drupal Community:
Open Social is an active participant in the Drupal community, contributing to various aspects such as:
- Patches: Enhancing and fixing issues in the Drupal core and contributed modules.
- Documentation: Providing comprehensive guides and documentation to help users and developers.
- Mentorship: Supporting and mentoring new contributors to the Drupal project.
- Themes and Modules: Developing and sharing themes and modules that benefit the wider Drupal ecosystem.

DrupalCon Participation:
Open Social regularly attends DrupalCon events, showcasing its solutions and engaging with the community. These events are crucial for networking, sharing knowledge, and staying updated with the latest trends and developments in the Drupal ecosystem. Open Social has participated in numerous DrupalCon events, including those held in New Orleans, Seattle, Amsterdam, and Minneapolis.

Awards and Recognition:*
Open Social has been recognized for its contributions and innovative solutions through various awards. The company has won multiple Splash Awards for its impactful projects, such as the GlobalDevHub.org for the United Nations and Victims Support The Netherlands.

Continual Innovation:
Committed to continuous improvement, Open Social works closely with the Drupal community to incorporate new technological advancements and business milestones into its software. The collaborative effort ensures that Open Social’s platform remains at the forefront of community engagement solutions.

*For a comprehensive look at Open Social’s open-source distribution and contributions, visit https://www.drupal.org/project/social