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We're a great match for your external, volunteer and ideation community. Our software is used by NGOs, governments and hundreds of smaller organizations to connect with their members, volunteers, employees, and customers.

Build a flexible social community to share knowledge, work together, and encourage dialogue.
Open Social is ideal for collaboration and effective communication - both vital for a growing volunteer community!
Use Open Social to invite stakeholders and employees to connect, share resources, and grow as a team.
Use our idea management software to find the best ideas or generate creativity from hundreds of members.



Activity Streams

Activity streams provide users with a personalized overview of your community.

Our algorithms ensure you only see updates that are relevant to you. For example, interaction with your posts or comments will be shown on your timeline.

Our personalized activity stream is central to all the interactions of individual community members. A lively and engaging timeline will keep your users coming back for more.  

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Activity Stream - What's on your mind?


Notifications keep you up-to-date - when you need to be.

Users are notified of activity with notifications appearing in the header. Smart push notifications keep you updated in the application and by email.

Users can adjust their notification settings on their personal profile page to ensure they only get the notifications they want and need.

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Open Social Notification on tablet


Analytics allows you to monitor the success of the community.

You can keep track of the KPIs you have set for your community with our Analytics suite. Monitor active versus inactive users, engagement (comments and likes), user-generated activity (posts, topics, events, groups) with the push of a button.

Monitoring these activities allows you to analyze results from your community building activities and set clear targets for your community.

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Open Social analytics overview page


Events connect on- and offline community experiences.

Your community members can enroll in both private and public events. Event managers set the location and date and control visibility settings. Users can follow events and post comments to keep the discussion rolling.

Events bridge the gap between the on- and offline engagement of your members. Connecting people with common interests ensures the long-term health of your community.

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Open Social Events on mobile

Private Messaging

Private messaging allows users to contact each other directly.

Your community members can have conversations in private, rather than in public spaces such as groups, discussion, or posts. Conversations can be held away from community activity, providing a space to tailor information. This feature is ideal for a collaborative community because it serves as a quick and easy way of sharing ideas and resources with the right people. 

This feature comes with e-mail notifications and an extra envelope icon in the navbar that indicates the number of unread conversations.

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Private message feature on Open Social (mobile)

Features that connect your members


Reach your audience with rich content. Public on the web and private within the community.


Share ideas in closed and public groups and grow your communities shared knowledge.


Let your community members plan and enroll to closed and public events.

Find talent

A powerful profile search allows your organization and community members to find hidden talent.

Connect on the go

Fully optimized for mobile, your community members stay connected wherever they go.

Secure and private

Notifications use encryption. Advanced privacy settings keep your data private.
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