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Community Experience Platform (CXP)

Rethink your platform experience with our open and composable CXP, consisting of 6 products and various add-ons.

Community Management System
Engagement Automation
Cloud Platform
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Customer Data Platform
Gaia AI
Identity Access Management

Unparalleled flexibility and integrations

Discover unmatched flexibility with our extensive platform configurations, API-first architecture, designed for seamless integration and scalability. Customize and evolve your experience platform to meet the unique demands of your organization, ensuring a composable future-proof platform that grows with your needs and ambitions.

Relentless innovation and engagement

Engage in continuous innovation within our open-source ecosystem, emphasizing data ownership and tailored user journeys. Our platform ensures that you're always ahead, offering experiences that elevate user engagement and drive impactful interactions.

Trusted partnership and exceptional support

Experience a partnership with Open Social that goes beyond traditional software delivery and support. With our human-first approach, we provide exceptional professional services, transparent communication and a deep commitment to meeting your needs.

Trust in a relationship where your success is our main priority.

Secure collaboration and compliance

Embrace secure collaboration within a platform fortified with robust data protection measures. Our stringent security protocols and privacy-first philosophy ensure compliance and peace of mind for trusted operations and seamless user experiences.

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“Empowering members to take global action.”
Josh Goodman

Josh Goodman

Business Owner

“Empowering members to take global action.”
Margaret Peterson

Margaret Peterson


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