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Increase Member Engagement

Tools built for sharing, communication and collaboration

Open Social gives you all the features you need for members to share more with one another:

Fast Platform Adoption

Make your platform easy and enjoyable to use

Open Social puts user experience and ease-of-use first — from setting up your own white label platform to growing your community engagement over time:

Gain more members & keep them engaged

Simple & safe signup lets you grow and retain membership, while purpose-built features and extensions for sharing drives engagement.

Create a platform tailored to your needs

Easily customize your white-label platform with drag-and-drop page layouts, click-of-a-button content creation and powerful extensions.

Build with the power
of open-source

Using open-source technology lets you build a community using transparent and safe digital tools. Own your platform and all its data.

The United Nations SDG Philanthropy platform is a global UN community dedicated to help reaching the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With the support of Open Social, it builds the bridge between the UN, governments and the private sector by encouraging collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

“We are an online collaboration platform that provides access to information on what partners are doing, real-time data on relevant SDGs, and events and solutions that funders and others are supporting. We add curated, targeted information every week, with a growing, connected audience.”

— The SDG Philanthropy team

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