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Help us improve Open Social with Google’s Season of Docs

Every time you buy a product or service, you’d like pleasant user experiences and to, ultimately, — continue reading
Posted by Ronald te Brake
April 15, 2019

Every time you buy a product or service, you’d like pleasant user experiences and to, ultimately, achieve your goal. How do we provide the best experience for you? By gathering your feedback and insight.

Our team is building open source community software that connects thousands of members worldwide for various organizations: volunteer, ideation, external, intranet.

We always improve our software and we do this by:

  • Opening up our roadmap to customers
  • Asking for a quarterly NPS rating
  • Listening to the Drupal community
  • and so on…

But we want to do more. Since our product is open source, we have tons of technical documentation that help users build their own community for free.

We want to improve all our technical documentation using Google Season of Docs and your help.

Calling Open Social users

We need YOUR help! We want to know what is missing and which areas we need to improve according to your needs.

The best way for us to improve our documentation is by learning what you are missing.

Do you need more information about:

  • Our setup and installation process?
  • Extensibility or customization of features?
  • Community settings for site managers?

We can come up with a lot of ideas but we couldn’t do better than you! Here’s the list of current documentation:

Contribute to our issue on and tell us what you need. We’ll be listening!


Google's Season of Docs

Google’s Season of Docs benefits us all

Google regularly finds ways to contribute to open source by sharing its code and tools to the community. Their latest initiative is Season of Docs.

Season of Docs brings together technical writers and open source projects to work on documentation. They know how difficult it can be to create exhaustive documentation. Therefore, Google will pick various open source projects that will be mentored and executed with this initiative.

We’re applying because it provides obvious benefits for all of us:

  • We benefit from your expertise to improve our product.
  • You benefit by working with an improved Open Social.
  • You benefit by picking up new expertise.

Google will publish a list of accepted projects by April 30th. The work will start on September 2nd and ends on November 29th. Google will announce the successfully completed projects in December!

Take action with us

Help us be part of this awesome initiative!

We love being part of an open source community. Knowledge sharing leads to improved quality and learning.

If we are part of Google’s Season of Docs, then we can create the best version of our documentation for the hundreds of projects hat download our product for free.

We don’t have the time to help out every project. But with the right documentation, we won’t have to!

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