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How to move your workplace online amidst the Covid-19 Crisis

As you know, society and the economy are facing times of rapid change. Covid-19 is spreading, — continue reading
Posted by Moritz Arendt
March 18, 2020

As you know, society and the economy are facing times of rapid change. Covid-19 is spreading, and all our governments are taking necessary dispositions to stop its diffusion. A lot of businesses are going to be impacted by this health crisis, and therefore countries are taking actions to support companies hit by the economic downturn.

All of us at Open Social and everyone we know personally and professionally is being affected, if not immediately, they definitely will be in the weeks and months to come. We are hearing a multitude of stories of how people are in trouble or suffering. And we want to help. We hear you. We are listing out the things that we are finding most helpful for people to continue working RIGHT NOW.

The current situation

We are faced with a need to adapt to a changing social and business environment; many companies opt for quick fixes that ultimately fail. But there are other good options. At Open Social, we have not changed our mission statement, but we are changing the way we do business to make sure we are helping everyone that we can.

Working from home is the new normal


Our external environment and situations beyond our control are forcing us to see that the day to day business processes is no longer working for businesses big and small.

Immediate adaptation is necessary. 

Many of you are not ready to deal with the current situation, that’s ok – we are all in this together.

What you can do. Create an online community

Building an online community helps organizations to team up and collaborate anywhere in the world, from any device. When skilled and enthusiastic individuals work with great organizations to make a positive difference, everyone wins. An online community can do a lot more than connect members. It allows your members to take action.

If you have moved your workforce to work from home:

  • Creating an online place is a way to make this next level of communication possible for your organization.
  • Keeping in regular contact with your staff is the most important. Sending clear messages about what is happening in your company.
  • Online communities are online places that promote better and more open communication. It also centralizes all communication. Rather than having different answers prepared by different people, knowledgeable and credible persons can answer questions from the community. This information is also self-regulated and monitored by a community manager.
  • Avoid a top-down flow of information and keep a transparent and honest channel open to your organization.
  • Everyone needs to be flexible and agile. This change in working habits will have hiccups and take some getting used too. But that’s ok! We can all learn from each other.
  • Discourage the sharing of fake news, and instead offer help where you can.

Working from home is the new norm, bet prepared with Open Social

What Open Social can do for your team working from home

Since your business has switched to a remote workforce overnight, here are the ways an online community can immediately help your business

  1. Create a dialogue between employees and management; they create solutions inside the company. Company-wide emails are not enough for this crisis.
  2. Breaks down the barriers of time, location, proximity, language.
  3. Connect all links of the supply chain surrounding your business and keep everyone informed
  4. Keep the correct information at hand for all employees to use and share
  5. Stand out as thought leaders in your industry and lead the way with online communities at the center of your business
  6. Improve customer satisfaction and extend the customer experience by offering a knowledge center and forum to explain the changes to your business
  7. Ease employee angst and resume most of your business activities

Adapting to a changing world is hard. But it is possible. 

Don’t forget to join us on Linkedin and Twitter as we keep you up to date on the latest, sharing ways to help navigate this new normal, all while inspiring and supporting each other.

Our team is ready to get your business set up and on track. It only takes a few hours, and then you can begin building your community. Don’t hesitate; this is a workable solution you can implement now. Contact our team to get started.


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