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BIO uses Open Social to Expedite Coronavirus R&D

Our society and economy are facing times of rapid change. We want to respond to this — continue reading
Posted by Moritz Arendt
March 18, 2020

Our society and economy are facing times of rapid change. We want to respond to this situation by offering our software solutions, we hope that we can help organizations come together and provide help to those that need it most.

This week, we were contacted by (BIO) and we wanted to share this story of a great example of how software, when paired with the right organizations, can have a great impact on the world.

Who are they?

BIO is the world’s largest trade association representing biotechnology companies, academic institutions, state biotechnology centers, and related organizations across the United States and in more than 30 other nations.

BIO was looking for a way to connect innovators with partners inside the federal government.

How did Open Social help them?

As the urgent need for manufacturing capacity and supplies continues to mount amid the rapidly growing coronavirus outbreak, BIO is providing a central location to match need requests with availability so that critical research and development programs can continue.

“We reached out to Open Social for an extremely rapid deployment of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) Coronavirus Hub. With the help of their skilled team, we went live 48-hours after our initial discussion.”

– Rich Masters, Executive Vice President, Public Affairs, Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO)

We were able to launch the community in just 24 hours

Why is what they do so important?

The new hub will enable users to post requests for urgently needed items and announce the availability of supplies and capacity. The portal connects in real-time through customized announcements.

Innovators, hospitals and medical centers are under growing pressure and need supplies to stay active. The normal supply chains cannot handle the demand and are seeking help from other sources. The platform allows people and organizations to identify their most pressing needs in the areas of vaccination, diagnostics, and antivirals and other treatments, and to facilitate collaborations with industry.

“In this fast-moving environment time is of the essence, through this hub BIO, and our partner Healthcare Ready, is able to connect medical research centers, biopharmaceutical companies and testing sites requesting supplies and inquiring about manufacturing capacity. We are continuing to improve the online Hub to make the biggest real-world impact.”

– Rich Masters, Executive Vice President, Public Affairs, Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO)

How can Open Social help you?

We have four out of the box solutions, and we see our Knowledge Platform and e-learning platform as the two best solutions to help organizations mobilize and act with intention amidst the Covid-19 Crisis.

What Open Social is offering

Although we are in an uncertain and dark time, Open Social is positive that we can help people and organizations make a real difference.

We want to support the new communities to get up and running and helping people that need it the most. Request a 1:1 demo.

Supporting the sharing of knowledge will be the most effective way to combat the effects of this virus.

Knowledge Solution

Knowledge Management in any crisis is key in helping overcome all the obstacles related to the situation. Knowledge Management software helps to classify, create and share your community’s infinite sources of data and resources. It provides a single solution that makes finding and filtering your information highly efficient. Knowledge Management Software can help in the following ways:

  • Improve understanding about Covid-19, the symptoms and how to best combat them by collating accurate  information in one place
  • Local communities and authorities can work together and exchange information in a timely manner
  • Help share and distribute resources. Think in terms of medical supplies, food and water, shelter and staffing.
  • Collaborate and discuss within groups how you can put new processes together
  • Reach out and connect with others in the same situation, the more connections you can make help people to mobilize into action
  • Through ideation, bottlenecks are removed and safer processes emerge

Open Social Software solutions empower online communities

E-learning solution

An e-learning platform is a tool that aids your members to remain agile in learning and perform in line with company goals and standards. It times of rapid change, keep people up to date, well informed and stay across their progress.

  • Roll out immediate training, improve working from home methods, circulate the best hygiene practices without being tied to on-location training days
  • Import existing courses and update them and share them instantly
  • Get a first-hand overview of your member training records, send reminders to those with outstanding courses
  • Assign courses in a few clicks and automatically notify members
  • Your members can re-sit and practice the material as much as they need to

We offer more solutions which you can find here. No matter, we see the definite need for online communities

These are just some of the ways we can imagine you using our software, but we know there are more ways you can help. We are trying to seed ideas of action and urge people to take it further. We can facilitate change, but we need your help to do it!

We can help solve this through software

For the people most heavily affected

  • We are very grateful and thankful for the people working continuously on the front lines to keep our healthcare, government and day to day serves running for each nation. For the people who work in these services who cannot work from home, you are not forgotten.

  • An online community is an excellent way to deliver support, accurate information in one easy to reach place.

  • Joining or forming an online community for is an excellent way to connect with people in a similar position to yourself or your club, group or organization

Don’t forget to join us on Linkedin and Twitter as we keep you up to date on the latest, sharing ways to help navigate this new normal, all while inspiring and supporting each other. The more we can share stories of people helping one another, the faster we will get through this.

Our team is ready to get your organization set up and on track. It only takes a few hours, and then you can begin building your community and help battle against the aftermath of Covid-19. Don’t hesitate; this is a workable solution you can implement now. Contact our team to get started.

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