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Working during War: Challenges and Strengths of Lemberg Solutions Ukraine

Since 2015, Lemberg Solutions has worked closely with Open Social, establishing a strong friendship. A significant — continue reading
Posted by Taco Potze
June 14, 2023

The Open Social Summit 2023 held a heartfelt presentation featuring Roy Vikovych from Lemberg Solutions, a tech consulting and engineering company based in Ukraine and a long-term partner of Open Social. The session titled “Working during War” offered insights into how the company has been navigating the turbulent times brought about by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Since 2015, Lemberg Solutions has worked closely with Open Social, establishing a strong friendship. A significant portion of Open Social’s team is located in Ukraine, but with the war conditions, they are stuck at home and unable to travel.

Roy Vikovych, the Head of Digital Business Development at Lemberg Solutions, shared how the war has impacted their business and personal lives. Despite the chaos and uncertainty, the company has grown from 160 to 214 employees since the conflict began. Lemberg Solutions’ unwavering commitment to its clients and employees is evident from its steadfast growth and the fact that no clients have decided to stop working with them due to the war. On the contrary, they received a lot of extra work, for example a new project from the Dutch Drupal Association.

How Lemberg Solutions Overcame Challenges and Fostered Solidarity Amidst War

With an intention to protect their employees and keep operations going, the company launched a relocation program. The program facilitated the movement of their employees from the Eastern and Central parts of the country to the Western part (Lviv oblast), which is considered relatively safer.

However, the challenges didn’t stop there. The power outages caused by massive attacks on Ukraine’s electricity infrastructure presented new problems. Lemberg Solutions swiftly responded by equipping their offices with generators and Starlink terminals for a stable internet connection. They essentially built a fortress-like setup to ensure work could continue, no matter the circumstances.

Despite the tense atmosphere, employees at Lemberg Solutions found stability in their work. The war, though a harsh reality, became a common topic for small talks within the team. Air raid alerts and power outages became part of their everyday lives, which they adapted to by setting up portable power stations at their homes.

Strength in solidarity

Most importantly, they found strength in solidarity. A culture of donation and fundraising for different causes emerged within the team. They participated in numerous fundraisers focused on supplying military units with essential amenities. Even when the request was personal, related to relatives or friends at war, the company’s employees were eager to help.

Two of Lemberg Solutions’ employees volunteered to join the Ukrainian Armed Forces, including Drupal developer Yaroslav Shandra, who had been working on Open Social projects before the war. 

Despite the tough conditions, the presentation showed how resiliently Lemberg Solutions and its employees have navigated the war, providing an inspiring testament to their commitment and perseverance in these challenging times.

If you want to learn more about the efforts of Open Social and Lemberg at the start of the war, please see our blog on the start of our foundation: Twente for Ukraine.


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