DrupalCon Europe 2019 Ticket Bounty

Posted by Bram ten Hove


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In this article we discuss

We have a winner of the DrupalCon Bounty! Thank you to everyone who participated.

Congratulations, Jyoti Singh for winning a ticket and flight to DrupalCon Europe ? Thank you to Jyoti and everyone else who participated by contributing to our issues on Open Social is awesome because of all the support we get from the Drupal community!


DrupalCon Bounty Winner


Let’s not forget to mention the people that participated and contributed:

And here’s the overview of issues that we tagged with ‘OSBounty-DrupalConEU2019’!

The winner was chosen fairly from the list of contributors through a lottery system. 

What was the competition?

Developers were invited to contribute to Open Social and win a free ticket and flight to DrupalCon Europe 2019 in Amsterdam. Is there a better way to enjoy the city of canals and tulips than with a free DrupalCon event? And with us as your benefactors!

Open Social is growing and improving. And we owe the Drupal community a big THANK YOU for all your contributions.

That’s why we wanted to encourage your contributions to make Open Social better and better.

How did it work?

Disclaimer: the label must have been added by an Open Social maintainer. The flight costs cannot exceed the cost of the DrupalEurope ticket.

The giveaway was simple. Participants were asked to follow the steps:

  1. Visit our bounty issue queue
  2. For each issue credit on an issue marked with the ‘OSBounty- DrupalConEU2019’ label, you receive an entry ticket for the lottery. Only Open Social maintainers can add this label.
  3. You’ll be automatically added to our lottery for tickets to DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019.

The winner was chosen fairly from the list of contributors. Follow @OpenSocialHQ for updates.

Upcoming Drupal Events

DrupalCon Europe

October 28 – 31 October

Of course, you can find us at DrupalCon Europe! Join us and more than 1,500 of the world’s top Drupal contributors, influencers, and organizations in Amsterdam.

Contribute to Open Social and win a free TICKET and FLIGHT to DrupalCon Europe 2019!


Drupal World


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