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Our core team is based in curated tech-hub TQ  in the Netherlands. Visit us in Amsterdam or get in touch through the contact details below.

About Open Social

Open Social is an open adoption platform for building online communities and to replace traditional intranets. We fuel efficiency, drive engagement and power positive change to help  organizations innovate from the bottom-up.

Early versions of our software won the Dutch Interactive Award in 2015. The project, Greenpeace Greenwire, activates 90.000 Greenpeace volunteers to make the world a more sustainable and greener place. In the Netherlands alone Greenpeace Greenwire increased volunteering by 600%. 

In 2017 Open Social was the overall winner of the Splash Awards, which celebrate the best work with the Drupal framework in the Benelux.

Open Adoption

Open Social is built using Drupal 8, a web technology for creating ambitious digital experiences with more than a hundred thousand active contributors worldwide. Open Social is developed by a core team of seventeen people and funded by GoalGorilla, a leading Drupal agency from The Netherlands.

We are based at curated tech-hub in Amsterdam and in Twente, both of which are part of the Dutch StartupDelta; Europe’s largest startup ecosystem.

Work at Open Social

Hello you! Would you like to join our mission to power positive change? Dutch newspaper NRC ranks us as one of the top 30 best startup employers in the Netherlands. Join us at our office in Amsterdam and in Enschede.

We don't have any vacancies at the moment, but we’re always looking for new talent. Submit an open application and cover letter to

Our vision

We are an open adoption software company, meaning our products are free to adopt and open to modify. We believe open adoption drives the next wave of software, a collective pace of innovation will change the world. 

Our mission

We are on a mission to power positive change, innovate with open-source software at scale, all while becoming a successful business.

View from Amsterdam Office (see
View from Amsterdam Office (see

Help wanted! - Contribute to Open Social 

"Without Drupal distributions, we won't be able to successfully compete with commercial vendors. Drupal distributions have great potential, but we have to do them right, and we have to figure out how to make them sustainable." - Dries Buytaert (founder of Drupal)

Why should you get involved in open source? :)

  • You can use Open Social for your own projects and clients, check out our partner program
  • You give back to the open-source community and help drive innovation faster
  • As a Drupal freelancer or professional you improve your standing
  • We welcome code contributions, issue reports and translations. Learn how you can contribute our Documentation Guide

 Read Moritz’ full blogpost on reasons to contribute to open-source projects.

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