social network
social network
Connect. Communicate. Collaborate.

Open Social is a flexible social network solution to share knowledge, encourage dialogue, and work together. Tailor your network to a wide range of purposes. Empower your members to participate and be heard.

crowd innovation platform
Develop ideas and inspire innovation

Use our idea management software to generate creativity from hundreds of members and improve business areas. Open Social is ideal for developing ideas into results. It supports every step of ideation: from the collection of ideas to implementation.

social network
social intranet
Make it easy for every employee to contribute

Our social intranet is a digital workplace fully integrated with your business tools and helps your employees get the job done! Within a social intranet, employees can contribute to business-wide discussions, communicate their ideas to their teams, search easily among content and be able to collaborate easily with other colleagues.

volunteer community
Connect your volunteers to change the world

Online volunteering helps organizations and volunteers team up and collaborate  – anywhere in the world, from any device. Open Social is ideal for collaboration and effective communication - both vital for a growing volunteer community.

Empower stakeholders to work together

An extranet is like an intranet, except you invite users outside of your organization to join. Use Open Social to connect your stakeholders and employees. Communication is improved and resources are shared. It’s perfect for growing as a team.

Make your community grow and bloom today

Just like 1000+ other communities worldwide

Together, we will deliver real value to your community