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Searching for content, and not finding it is frustrating. That is why our improved search algorithm is so great — return matching files for the terms you provide in the search. Your members are assisted with auto-complete (typeahead search), and even if the words are misspelled, they can still find what they need.

✓Make sure you see your content when you want to see it

✓Find what you are looking for in your first search

✓Solr enables powerful matching capabilities across any data type

Your members won't lose any time trying to find the right document any more! 


find what you need fast with SOLR
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Get it right the first time around

The strength of search functions within Google have made for lazy file keeping and poor structuring of document libraries across businesses. With this SOLR extension, you can have a Google-like search experience that is entirely confidential.

  • See what the most searched for documents in your business are

  • Keep tabs on which materials have or haven't been opened by employees

  • Work on ways to share the most popular content

  • Get the right content in front of the right audience

  • And more!

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How about making your search function more user-friendly for your members? And at the same time, improve the speed at which people work?

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