Social Login simplifies user signup
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Social Login simplifies user signup

Social Login allow users to easily signup and login to your platform with their Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, or Twitter account.  This extension can increase your user registration rate by simplifying the signup process, while keeping their data protected through permission-based retrieval of their social account information.


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Remove barriers to your community, make the signup process simple!

(✓) Users sign up instantly without filling in registration forms 

(✓) Encourage regular active use through one-click login

(✓) Increase ease-of-use of your platform

(✓) Create a passwordless user-experience 

(✓) Simplify the user authentication process 

(✓) Keep user-data protected

social logins simply user signup
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Gain more new users

Studies have revealed that 86% of web users are bothered by the need to create new accounts when registering on a website and are consequently likely to abandon the process.

Social Login solves this new user-acquisition and user-retention issue with simple passwordless signup and login.


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Create a more connected community

Social Login can be a game-changer for your online community. By adding social logins, your users can easily link their already active online lives with your community platform.

Adding this extension lets you create a more seamless and interconnected online experience for your community. 

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