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Organize and publish content so it’s easy to find

Content lies at the heart of the community but where do you put all of it? How do you avoid it from being scattered?  The resource library is a powerful tool for your community members to: 

✓ Find all the necessary content in one place. 
✓ Easily navigate through community content. 
✓ Quickly find the most important information. 

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Create your community library

The Resource Library is a directory of selected content picked by the community managers (i.e. manuals, research papers, and company news). In the Resource Library you can: 

  • Keep all content files in one place and organize them in a folder structure. 
  • Navigate the content using the search functionality to quickly find items. 
  • Encourage the serendipitous discovery of content.
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Start sharing knowledge immediately

The Resource Library can do a lot more than store your content. It allows your members to efficiently access and use the shared knowledge of your community. 

Request the extension via the button below. We will set up a consultation with our team for a price proposal or another plan of action.