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Add real-time suggestions and track changes by multiple authors

Real-time Collaboration is an Open Social extension that allows multiple members to work together on a single piece of content at the same time, making edits, adding comments and proposing suggestions that can be accepted or rejected in real-time.

✓ A powerful modern workplace tool: Adds a rich-text editing solution with co-working capabilities similar to Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

✓ Empower members as content co-authors: Create a community based on co-working and collaboration.

✓ Edit in real-time: See track-changes and comments from co-authors as they happen.


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How does Real-time Collaboration Work?

Place your community at the center of workflows

Members do not need to switch between various external applications in order to create, review, edit or approve content.

Increase productivity 

Visibly fewer steps in the workflow lead to happier members, higher quality content and higher member adoption of your platform.

Create a seamless user-experience

Let members collaborate on content immediately inside your online community with the click-of-a-button to toggle between public and collaboration views.

Add co-authors

For each piece of collaborative content, you can select co-authors. Co-authors can: add track-changed suggestions, comment on content, comment on suggestions or other comments.

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