quizzes keep your staff engaged!
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Quiz your members and increase engagement

Quizzes are a handy way to educate your members while activating a deep sense of play. Make the onboarding process to your organization a breeze. There is no need to host multiple costly training days or workshops. Quizzing helps people self-schedule learning, have access from anywhere to information and, most of all, retain information. Quizzes can be applied to specific course work, compliance training, or upskilling your organization. The possibilities are endless.


✓ Learn all the necessary information in one place. 

✓ Regularly test material in a fun and encouraging way  

✓ Show who passed certain skill set with a badge and introduce gamification in your community

quizzes keep your staff engaged!
how does the extension work?
Create your own questions

The Quizzing Extension is a highly flexible module. You can create your questions in a variety of formats, or call upon the built-in question bank to help create your course. The courses can be made into classroom-style events, a customized self-guided learning program, or a set training program with multiple improvement attempts. The quizzing extension is a powerful tool for your community members to: 

✓ Create questions in True or false, multiple-choice and short and long formats

✓ Reuse questions across multiple quizzes 

✓ Encourage learning in a playful manner that stays with you

✓ The quizzing extension compliments the Courses extension perfectly 

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Never stop learning

The Quiz Extension isn't just about testing. It allows your members to retain knowledge and share their success within your community efficiently. 

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