The power of a push notification
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The power of a push notification

A Push Notification enables to deliver information from the app to the mobile device. The smartphone will display the text message even if the app is closed and the screen locked. Reach your users from your community whenever they are on the go and keep your community blooming.  


Keep your community fully mobile
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A new way of interacting within the community

With a native app, keep members of your community up to date and connected. The benefits of a native app are:

  • Your community engagement levels will increase when your members can be kept notified on the go

  • A native mobile app is a great way to guarantee your users reliable data protection.

  • The user experience has a better flow and is more natural. Access your community directly from the app!

Meet the expectations of your community members and give them the best mobile experience possible!

Your app can be available in both app stores
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Build your community brand

The Native App is a game-changer for your online community. Our mobile devices have become extensions of ourselves. Cultivate loyalty by always being visible to your members.

  • You choose which native app will work best for your community and with a small set up fee Open Social begins the process

  • Together with one of our dedicated team members, we collaborate with you to get your brand assets in line with your app needs

  • The Open Social team creates your app and submits it to the store on your behalf

  • Once approved, users also can download the app and start communicating!


Request the extension via the button below. We will set up a consultation with our team for a price proposal or another plan of action.