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Collate valuable information efficiently

The Forms and Surveys extension helps you sign up new members to your community in a flash and easily help you collect data. The results can be exported into Excel or other spreadsheet applications so you can analyze your data and make accurate data-based decisions. 

✓ Get feedback and information from your organization 

✓ Receive insights from your teams and make decisions based on real data

✓ Build trust and advocacy with your community members 

Build forms and surveys for your organization at the click of a button. Our extension allows community members to do everything online. Forms are secure, consistent measures to keep your organization healthy.

Surveys and Forms with Open Social
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Get more insights out of my community

This feature allows any user in your community that you invite to participate in a survey or feedback session. Make it easy for new community members to hand over crucial personal information safely.  

  • Site managers can build certain content types (forms, surveys, evaluations, etc.) 

  • Create a pool of accurate data about your people and activities 

  • Identify training requirements, skill gaps or compliance inconsistencies 

  • Collate invaluable feedback to help you understand the current dynamics of the group

  • Discover if the community’s objectives are clearly understood and valued by employees

  • It is fast and convenient and can be rolled out instantly

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Are you ready to take Forms and Surveys to the next level? Give your members a voice and a means to collaborate with you!

Request the extension via the button below. We will set up a consultation with our team for a price proposal or another plan of action.