dashboard extension gives you community insights
about the extension
Your community insights at a glance

The dashboard is a tool used for easy information management and simple community intelligence. It’s user-friendly interface provides an at-a-glance overview of key performance indicators relevant to you and your community.

The dashboard is made up of interchangeable blocks, allowing you to configure your dashboard in a way that puts the community data most important to you front and center.

that’s why
Create dashboards that suit your specific needs

(✓)   Site managers and content managers can create dashboards for users

(✓) Choose from a wide variety of available blocks to customize your dashboard

(✓)  Visually represent data to gain an immediate overview of your community

(✓) Set your dashboard as the landing page of the platform or as a user storyboard 

(✓) Place related metrics next to each other for easy access and side-by-side comparison

dashboard extension gives you community insights
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The Dashboard possibilities are endless

Customize your dashboard with any number of blocks: 

  • Custom content block
  • A large banner image
  • Highlighted content
  • Highlighted items, like social media quick links
  • Full HTML or text blocks
  • Multiple activity streams
  • Pre-set automatically populated blocks for latest topics, upcoming events, newest groups, newest members.
  • Polls
dasboard extension
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The best tool for clear insights

As a site or content manager, the dashboard is an invaluable tool for getting clear insights from your community rather than just a list of graphs and figures.  It is a tool meant to give you everything you need at-a-glance to make informed decisions that will improve your community. 

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