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Display selected content to specific members

Customized Content Access is an Open Social extension that allows you to control the visibility and accessibility of specific content on your online community platform. 

Create a new member role: Add new permissions to specific groups of members to control what content they can create, edit and view.

Toggle content visibility: Adjust new visibility settings on any kind of content, including: Groups, Events, Dashboards, Topics, and more. 

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How does Customized Content Access work

Create confidential content

You can decide which members see specific kinds of content within your community.
This allows you to make sure confidential content is hidden from members without permission.

Keep teams focused

By creating team-roles related to content accessibility, you can keep members focused only on content relevant to them and their tasks. 

Create secure collaboration across organizations

You can make sure that each organization’s members have access only to their own content, as well as the content that is open for collaboration between organizations.  

UNDP uses this extension to to make sure only UN staff can see certain content

The UNDP SparkBlue platform uses this extension in a number of ways to manage access to resources and discussions.

For example, they have dashboards only accessible to those with a ‘UN Staff’ role, which is automatically assigned to anyone who logs in with the UN Single Sign-On.



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An extension to control content visibility

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