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Discover a new way to innovate with your community! Provide your members with a space to create and evaluate ideas. Why? Because practicing innovation: 

Solves problems with creative ideas.
 Increases productivity by working smarter. 
 Beats competition by adapting to change.  

With this feature, you can put ideas to the test and gather feedback from the community. May the best idea win! 

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The crowdsourcing process

The crowd innovation feature lets you solve challenges within your community via a crowdsourcing process. This feature consists of three main components: 

  1. The challenge poses the question that has to be solved by the community members.
  2. The phases, which have a start and end date, move the ideas through the flow and include idea creation, editing, viewing, commenting and voting. This is where the evaluation takes place. 
  3. The ideas are created by users to suggest solutions for the over-arching challenge to suggest solutions. As users, you have the possibility to vote on your favorite ideas.

Read more about how this extension works for regular users, site managers, and content managers.

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All you really need is one place to collect, evaluate and prioritize ideas. What better place than your own online community? 

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