See all upcoming birthdays from your members
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Make birthdays special

Users can fill out their Birthdays in their profile. As a Site manager or a content manager, you have access to the list with all birthdays. Moreover, you can set a separate block on the dashboard or landing page. Clearly see all upcoming birthdays and make the necessary arrangements. 

that’s why
Birthdays are made to be social

Birthdays are en excellent moment to make the best use of all the Open Social Features. 

 (✓) Wish people well on their birthday with a post

 (✓) Create an event and make the day memorable! 

 (✓) Create a poll to decide what gifts to buy

 (✓) Build a discussion around ways to celebrate birthdays

Create events for birthday parties
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Make a birthday wish come true

Make birthdays meaningful again. Create and post content that celebrates, is fun and interactive.  Create connections by hosting real events.

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