Mar 20, 2017 - News - Partners - Open Source

BrightLemon Partnership and Our Agency Partner Program

We're proud to announce our partnership with BrightLemon. Together we're committed to delivering world-class social business communities to our customers.

posted by Mieszko
Mar 09, 2017 - News - Partners

Open Social Says Hello to the Drupal Community

Because we've seen the power of Drupal distributions and believe in the power of open adoption we're proud to announce we have become Drupal Signature partner!

posted by Mieke
Feb 16, 2017 - User Experience - Technology

Advantages of a Component Library

In this blog our designer Bas explains the benefits of an Atomic design based component library for UX, UI and visual designers as well front-end developers.

posted by Bas
Feb 01, 2017 - Technology - User Experience

Introducing the Mentions Feature for Open Social

Taras gives a short history of mentions and explains how we have integrated this feature into Open Social to boost engagement.

posted by Taras
Jan 18, 2017 - Technology

Installing Open Social with Composer

In this blog Jaap explains how people familiar with GIT and Drush can install Open Social locally with Composer.

posted by Jaap
Jan 04, 2017 - Technology

Advantages of Using Atomic Design for Open Social

In this blog Frank de Riet explains the benefits of Atomic Design and how we've implemented it for Open Social.

posted by Frank
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