We are powering some high level UN environments for debate and knowledge sharing to power sustainable development of economic and social affairs globally.

Global DevHub

The first platform we developed for UN Public Dialogues and partners is the Global DevHub. This is an environment that facilitates e-Discussions on high level issues and agendas surrounding important topics such as Sustainable development, Democratic governance and peacebuilding and Climate and disaster resilience

Topics are launched within consultation periods, at which point people can join in specific discussion phases and contribute to the debate. 

Global DevHub is open for public registration and is built on Open Social, bringing together 45.000 users from various UN legacy platforms. The first consultation period was a huge success with almost 200 comments within the first few days of launch. 

SDG Example

SDG philanthropy

The second project we’ve set up for the UN is the SDG philanthropy platform. It serves as an information exchange for people who are or want to get involved in philanthropic projects. 

All the information about Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the SDG philanthropy department of the UN are represented within this platform. Additionally specific country websites are being launched, beginning with Ghana, Zambia and Kenya. These country specific platforms make it possible for investors to start or find projects in those specific countries and focus their philanthropic efforts to regions that are of interest to them.

Facilitate change with Open Social

If you’re an NGO or other philanthropic organisation looking to stimulate debate and facilitate change, get in touch and maybe we can help you set up your Open Social platform to help your people bloom. 

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