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Your Feedback is Important to Open Social

Hey, you. Customers come first at Open Social. It’s our goal to build the best product — continue reading
Posted by Moritz Arendt
November 20, 2017

Hey, you. Customers come first at Open Social. It’s our goal to build the best product for you, and that’s why we are continuously looking on how to improve.

We want to take this time to outline how you have a direct impact on where Open Social is going and which features we implement. We’d like you to be part of the decision-making process, and together we can develop a better product for everyone.

Collecting Customer Feedback

What better way to improve than listening to your feedback? We don’t want your ideas and comments to disappear in a digital sea of words. Instead, we ensure that your feedback is not only collected but also contributes to the decisions we make. For example, you can help choose which of our features are prioritized for future development.


Prioritise Features for Open Social


We don’t only listen to current customers, but also to prospective customers and trial requests that have not been successful. We want to understand why prospects chose to go elsewhere, and which features they think are missing from our product.

Our Feedback Process

Feedback does not only consist of evaluations, but also of suggestions for features and product improvements.

In order to ensure that we have an effective feedback process, all of our customers receive an account in our roadmap tool Receptive. Here’s how Receptive turns your suggestions into potential Open Social features:

  • Submit feature suggestions (or we submit them on behalf of a customer).
  • Vote on feature suggestions made by other customers/the product team.
  • Determine and order the priority of features you voted on.
  • The product owner regularly reviews incoming suggestions. Suggestions either get: declined if they already exist, comments if the suggestions are unclear, or set on ‘awaiting feedback’ to gauge demand from other customers.
  • The Open Social team reviews the top-voted suggestions in the monthly roadmap meeting. They decide if and when features are placed on the roadmap.
  • Receive automated updates when the status of a feature has changed (awaiting feedback, planned, building, released, etc.)


Open Social Roadmap


We take time to carefully consider the most important suggestions, and decide which feature will be added to the Open Social roadmap. Collecting suggestions does not mean that we will build anything our customers recommend. We look at the top priorities by analyzing the items that are voted on most in Receptive.

This process ensures that all voices are heard. If you have any questions concerning the feedback process, then don’t hesitate to ask. We look forward to receiving your feedback!

Collaboration with Customers

Open Social also values direct feedback during the creation of a feature. For example, we are currently developing an ideation feature with foraus, a Swiss Think Tank. In order to develop the best version of this feature, we invited open ideation experts such as Rob Shapiro – Founder & Principal at Shapiro Cloud, Tair – Lead Developer at Circle Economy, and Laurie Tan – RAPSODIA Innovation Center to discuss the ideation module on our Knowledge Center LGOS. This way, we can not only listen and learn but also use the open innovation module in practice and in an Open Social community.

How were your customer service experiences with us? How do you integrate feedback? Let us know in the comments below!

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