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We are Bringing RealTime Collaboration to Open Social with CKEditor 5

Open Social is once again adding an amazing new tool that will take your Open Social — continue reading
Posted by Adela Kalkantova
July 3, 2020

Open Social is once again adding an amazing new tool that will take your Open Social online community or social intranet to the next level: RealTime collaboration.

Besides having access to all the features, extensions, and integrations that we already offer, the big advantage of using Open Social is that we never stop adding new, exciting, and useful tools to our long list of features. This is not only because we have a great developer team continuously improving our services, but also because we find the best companies to become business and technology partners, allowing us to do amazing things. We are excited to announce a new partnership with CKEditor 5 team that will bring a RealTime collaboration tool to Open Social as an up-coming new extension.

Co-author interface

Partnering with CKEditor 5

CKEditor 5 delivers rich-text editing solutions similar to Google Docs or Microsoft Word, but with one essential difference: you can integrate them with your own application, deeply customize them, and host them on your own server or in the cloud.

Open Social’s partnership with CKEditor 5 will allow us to include ultra-modern collaborative editing features into our existing product and future Open Social tools. Because CKEditor 5 offers reliable real-time collaboration inside of complex structures such as tables or nested widgets, Open Social will also be able to integrate real-time collaboration within its existing platform and features where useful.

CKEditor 5 with collaborative editing simplifies the process of content creation and boosts users’ productivity in any type of software. – Piotr Maciejewski, Marketing Manager

What does RealTime collaboration entail?

The CKEditor 5 ultra-modern rich-text tool is first and foremost a WYSIWYG editor designed for a seamless user experience that makes it easy to create links, generate responsive images for mobile view, create tables, auto-format content, embed media, and more.

More importantly, CKEditor 5 offers real-time collaboration capabilities that will become the core of Open Social’s RealTime collaboration extension.

realtime collaboration


This feature allows multiple users to work together on a single document at the same time, make edits, add comments, and propose suggestions that can be accepted or rejected. It is a cornerstone feature of modern digital workspaces that help increase the productivity and time-2-market KPIs in the process of content authoring. We should not forget about another benefit: user adoption. New users do not need to switch between various applications and technologies in order to create, review, approve, and spellcheck content because all these features are available in CKEditor 5 as part of the Open Social platform. Visibly fewer steps in the workflow lead to happier users, higher quality content, and more engaged readers.

CKEditor 5’s tools also run on every browser, as well as on every device. With Open Social’s integration of CKEditor 5, we can create a seamless collaboration tool for our platform users and clients.

Endless potential for collaboration

Open Social’s first implementation of RealTime collaboration will be for foraus as part of their Policy Kitchen community, helping members collaborate and innovate even more!

However, with the customizability and flexibility of CKEditor 5, Open Social is excited to keep exploring more ways to integrate and develop this exciting feature. Not only will it add value to document editing and creation as part of a Knowledge Platform solution, but it will also add value in the future to our Social Learning solution as students and teachers will be able to work together on quizzes or assignments.

We look forward to exciting new developments made possible by CKEditor 5, creating exponential value for Open Social community users and clients.

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