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Private Messaging: A Community Feature You’ll Love

Open Social supports private messaging! Our customers requested this community feature and, as usual, our developers — continue reading
Posted by Moritz Arendt
December 11, 2017

Open Social supports private messaging! Our customers requested this community feature and, as usual, our developers have produced excellent results. There’s a reason why private messaging has become a preferred method of communication: it’s quick and efficient. In this post, we’ll be introducing private messaging and how it adds value to your community.

What is Private Messaging?

Private messaging allows users to contact each other directly (or a small group) on the Open Social community platform. Community members can choose to have conversations in private, rather than in public spaces such as groups, discussion, or posts. From the basic urge to say ‘hey you’ to the distribution of sensitive information – control over communication seems to be the driving force behind this feature.

Private messaging is not a new concept. It’s a feature that most social media platforms have in order to support private social interactions. Online communities are following the trend because people are increasingly looking for ways to increase agile communication – both with other individuals and with businesses. And the benefits for online communities are plenty!

The Community Benefits

Private messaging is a great addition to any community platform. This feature is ideal for collaboration since it serves as a quick and easy way of sharing information with the right people. Here are three ways this feature will enhance agile communication in your community:


  • Members stay on the platform. Community members don’t to leave the platform to have private conversations. This also eliminates the need for tools other than your own community platform.
  • Efficient communication. Information can be tailored according to individuals or a small group of members. This makes communication more relevant and allows for the sharing of sensitive information.
  • Increased productivity. Direct communication will increase productivity and stimulate members working together on the platform. Collaboration can continue, away from a stream of chatter and content of the rest of the community.

Private Messaging on Open Social

Private messaging is pretty intuitive on Open Social. This feature comes with email notifications and an extra envelope icon in the navbar that indicates the number of unread conversations. In order to use the feature, log in and select the small envelope icon; this will provide an overview of your messages. Here’s where you create a new chat and choose which member(s) you want to start a private conversation with. Happy messaging!

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